How Does Groupon Grade Used Goods?

BY: Groupon Editors |Jun 15, 2017

It's not really up for debate: the best part of shopping for used goods is the sometimes-substantial discounts you can find. And at Groupon, that's certainly no different. But as you've surely noticed, "used" is often too broad a term to be helpful: it can mean pre-owned products were taken out of their boxes and immediately put back in for a return, but it can also mean a product was taken out, used a couple times, scratched by the family cat, and then returned. To cut through some of this used goods confusion in our own customer-returns process, we've provided the below details on all three condition grades a used Groupon product might be given.

Like New

  • Product condition: may contain minor scuffs and dings on packaging; no scratches, scuffs, or dings on the item itself
  • What's included: may contain generic accessories
  • Packaging: arrives in original packaging but may have been opened and used a few times; some internal packaging may be missing
  • Functionality: tested and in full working condition


  • Product condition: contains some signs of use, such as minor scratches and scuffs
  • What's included: may contain generic accessories
  • Packaging: may come in generic packaging with some signs of wear
  • Functionality: tested and in full working condition

Scratch and Dent

  • Product condition: may have significant cosmetic damage; scratches and dings are more pronounced than on items rated "Good"
  • What's included: generic accessories
  • Packaging: generic packaging
  • Functionality: tested and functional

A Note on Warranties

No matter the condition—Like New, Good, or Scratch & Dent—used-item deals will be sold without the original warranty attached (when applicable). Depending on the category and price point, you will have the option to purchase optional warranty coverage along with the product.