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Yes, V Steam is Actually a Thing

BY: Editors | Jun 28, 2017

Have you heard of v steam yet? No, it's not a reference to vaping. Nor is it some new-fangled way to steam clean wine stains out of your carpet. No, a v steam is a type of cleansing spa treatment, and the "v" in this case stands for vagina. It's a vagina steam.

Are you still with me?

Yes? Okay, good. Now, if this is the first time you've ever heard of vagina steaming, you're likely wondering, "why on earth would I want to do that?" And you're not alone. Our former beauty writer, Favin, was just curious enough to give v steaming a try, so she headed to Chicago's famous King Spa & Sauna to try it out. Here's what she learned:


It's super relaxing.

The first thing Favin noticed when she walked into the v steam room was how great it smelled. The soothing fragrance wafted up from a line of plush, chairs each of which had a hole in the center, like a toilet seat. Beneath the seat is a basin of boiling water enhanced with 11 different herbs, including wormwood, dandelion, and lavender. Between the smell, the comfort of the seat, and the general calming ambiance of the room, Favin nearly fell asleep during her session!

But also a little awkward.

Even though Favin's visit was more relaxing than she anticipated, it wasn't without its laughable moments. For starters, she was naked when she first sat down (King Spa is a Korean Spa, and visitors are often nude for select treatments), but the attendant helping her quickly covered her with a cape once she was situated. The treatment also required her to sit with her knees far apart... so far apart that they were touching the knees of the person next to her (which in the case happened to be her friend, Leah).

Another slightly-awkward moment: when Favin got a little too warm from the steam, the attendant helped cool her off by reaching under her cape with a small fan. But according to Favin, even this wasn't as odd as it sounds. "Trust me, she's got a technique," she said of the attendant.

You might get a mini facial too.

At the end of her session, Favin was instructed to pull her cape up over her head. This allowed the fragrant steam to waft up to her face and help clear out her pores.

It might let you have a less painful period.

Proponents of vagina steaming swear that it can help with everything from infertility to menstrual cramps to hormonal acne. King Spa's website also claims that it helps to boost blood circulation to the pelvis and uterus, and may help prevent neuralgia and hemorrhoids.

Favin normally suffers from terrible menstrual cramps, but when she got her period a few days after her v steam, she had no cramps at all. She was so impressed with the results that she's determined to try v steaming again in the future.