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10 Great Stress Relief Activities to Try

BY: Andy Seifert | May 26, 2017

Headaches. Chest pains. Muscle pains. And on and on and on. There's a long menu of health issues linked to excessive stress. Thankfully, there are several stress relief activities that you can try to achieve a relaxed state. Check out eight these affordable stress relief techniques below:


1. Stretch Out Stress with Yoga

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Yoga's focus on breathing helps practitioners become aware of the present moment, which can ease anxiety, instill a sense of calm, and even ward off panic attacks. The breathing can also have a soothing effect on the nervous system, promoting a peaceful state of relaxation. Additionally, your yoga teacher may have a series of poses designed to relieve stress and stretch out any tense muscles.

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2. Stimulate Senses with Acupuncture

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You probably didn't think one of our stress relief tips would be "insert thin needles into your body." But the ancient Chinese believed in acupuncture's benefits, and modern-day studies are starting to confirm it. While acupuncture works by stimulating nerves and releasing natural pain killers, recent research suggests it might also regulate stress-causing hormones.

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3. Sweat Out Stress with Zumba

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Any aerobic exercise should be a stress relief activity, since it'll promote feelings of well-being and help you get a good night of sleep, which is essential for reducing stress. But we recommend zumba in particular, because if you're going to exercise, why not have a little fun while you're doing it?

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4. Warm Up in an Infrared Sauna

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Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body, inducing a warm, relaxing feeling while purportedly reducing blood pressure. If arthritis causes you unwanted stress, there's some evidence that these saunas help relieve joint pain, among other benefits. For an especially stress-relieving experience, we recommend meditating while in the sauna.

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5. Breathe Better with Kickboxing Lessons

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Kickboxing isn't just about channelling stress into a furious combination of uppercuts, jabs, and kicks. A fundamental kickboxing lesson is learning proper breathing techniques, and deep breathing has been linked to increased relaxation and regulated blood pressure. It's also been shown to elevate moods and lower anxiety.

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6. Use Meditation to Relax Your Mind

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A study in Health Psychology found that those who practiced mindfulness meditation had lower levels of cortisol. Why is that important? Because scientists consider cortisol "the stress hormone," and too much of it can cause anxiety, memory issues, and even heart disease. By lowering your body's stress hormone, meditation can lower your risk of these health issues. It might be the one of the best stress relief activities for long-term peace of mind.

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7. Relax Your Muscles with a Massage

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You might think, "Of course a massage is relaxing, but after the massage is overwith, won't I go back to being stressed?" Not necessarily! A recent study found that the relaxing effects of a massage can last as long as 16 to 18 hours. That's a lot of bang for your buck, and a pretty good investment for a one-hour activity. It can also help brighten your mood and reduce any muscle pain.

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8. Find Serenity in a Floatation Tank

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It seems strange...floating in salt-rich water, inside a tube that keeps everything pitch dark. But some people swear that these floatation tanks are the ultimate stress relief technique, and the science is starting to back it. An Australian study showed that spending 45 minutes in a float tank could reduce stress and anxiety, and it might even improve your sleep quality.

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9. Play a Round of Golf

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This one is a little tricky. Since it's a gentle cardiovascular workout, improves your flexibiliy, and often surrounds you with nature, golf can be a friendly competition that's both fun and stress reducing. Just make sure it doesn't get too competitive, and have a sense of humor if your tee shot veers off into the pond.

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10. Explore Nature & Go Kayaking

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Several stress relief activities on the list are essentially exercise, which can help brighten your mood and help you feel healthier long-term. Kayaking is no different (it's an especially effective upper-body workout), but it adds another element: being on the water. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells of the water, and it will bring a peaceful, meditative element to a great exercise session.

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