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Throw a "West Wing" Party Fit for a President

BY: Amelia Buzzell | Jul 16, 2014
Throw a He may have left office in 2006, but The West Wing’s President Josiah Bartlet remains one of pop culture’s favorite presidents. And what better way to salute the fictional commander in chief than by throwing a West Wing–themed party, complete with a table so befitting of the iconic show, it just might put a smile on Toby Ziegler’s perennially anxious face. Greet guests at the door and invite them to “walk with you” into the dining room where they’ll find a blue-striped tablecloth and plates that came straight from the White House (the gift-shop wing). Fill glasses etched with the logo of President Bartlet’s favorite team, Notre Dame, with a drink poured from a lemon-shaped pitcher inspired by “Lemon Lyman,” the fictional fan blog about Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman. Instead of inviting press secretary C.J. Cregg’s pet goldfish to the table, fill a goldfish-printed vase with flowers. After that, the only thing left to do is put on a Gilbert and Sullivan record and wait for someone to burst into a rendition of “The Jackal.” west-wing-how-to-throw-a-party-fit-for-a-president_600c490 1. White House plate; The White House Gift Shop ($16.95) 2. Notre Dame glass tankards; Goods ($26.99 for two) 3. Hand-painted goldfish portrait pencil box; duckdrakestudio on Etsy ($35) 4. Figural lemon pitcher; Sur la Table ($16.99 on sale) 5. Blue stripe tablecloth; Meri Meri ($9) 6. USA-shaped cutting board; AHeirloom ($48)