What Chicago's Twitter Personalities Had to Say About the Golden Globes

BY: Courtney Ryan |Jan 15, 2014
What Chicago's Twitter Personalities Had to Say About the Golden GlobesWhat-Chicago-s-Twitter-Personalities-Had-to-Say-About-the-Golden-Globes_600c390 Whether it’s the alcohol, the hosts who relish taboo jokes, or simply the fact that it’s too early in the awards season for anyone to really care, the Golden Globes are usually a spectacular mess. We checked out the Twittersphere to see what some of Chicago’s most prolific tweeters had to say during the ceremony. From native Chicagoans Pat Sajak and Shonda Rhimes admitting they had better things to do than hit the red carpet to Red Eye's film critic asking how Rush got a nomination, these tweets just might be speaking your mind. You weren’t the only person rolling your eyes at Ryan Seacrest’s red-carpet questions. Not everyone who worked on a nominated show was sad to miss the event. You might have noticed that none of the winners sat close to the stage. Name one thing that’s better than an awards show. Seeing some of the elderly winners brought back fond memories. Others were more impressed by the shows that got snubbed. There were new theories on how an actor can secure a statue. Rush who? Are the “surprised” winners done with their speeches yet? Photo by Timothy Burkhart, Groupon