What is a Colonic? Your Guide to Getting Super Bowels

BY: Groupon Editors |Jan 24, 2018

What is a colonic? If you've arrived at this page, you've probably at least thought about getting one. Maybe you have a friend who raves about the treatment, or maybe you're just thinking of incorporating it into your wellness routine. Either way, you're curious to learn more. So keep reading through our comprehensive guide to find answers to frequently asked questions. And we swear: absolutely no poop jokes!

What is a colonic?

A colonic is an alternative medicine treatment that has been used for centuries to flush out impacted waste from the digestive tract. Whether you refer to it as a colonic, colonic irrigation, hydro colon therapy, or colon hydrotherapy (its more modern designation), this treatment always uses sterile water to dislodge gunk in the colon.

The Colonic Process

Step 1: After a consultation with a colon hydrotherapy professional, they lead you to a private treatment room to change into a gown and recline comfortably on a treatment table. The colon hydrotherapist is the only other person in the room, and they ensure you remain discreetly covered during the entire treatment.

Step 2: The colon hydrotherapist gently inserts a disposable speculum and plastic tube into your rectum.

Step 3: A machine slowly pumps warm, filtered water through the plastic tube and into your colon. The water pressure causes the muscles of the colon to contract, which then push out waste. That waste is disposed through the tube. The process will repeat a few times until all waste has been cleared away.

During the process, the colon hydrotherapist may use abdominal massage to help stimulate the muscles of the colon and facilitate the process.

Step 4: Once the colon has been completely irrigated and the equipment is removed, the colon hydrotherapist leaves the room to allow you to change. You may also be instructed to sit on the toilet for a few moments to make sure all water and waste has left your body.

Treatment Time

Typically, the entire colon hydrotherapy treatment lasts about 45 minutes.


After the colon hydrotherapy treatment, you may feel the need to use the bathroom more frequently throughout the day, so many practitioners advise sticking close to home, though you are otherwise able to return to your normal routine.

Colon hydrotherapists do generally recommend staying away from alcohol for at least a day after your procedure, as alcohol is more quickly absorbed by an empty colon and can lead to quicker intoxication. Otherwise, you are free to eat and drink like normal.

What does it feel like?

Is there anyone who thinks pooping through a tube sounds pleasant? The good news is, most colonic devotees swear it isn't that bad. That tube? It's only inserted about an inch into your colon, and while the pressure of the water flushing in and out of your colon can produce some abdominal cramping (many women compare it to menstrual cramps), most say it subsides after a few moments.

After the procedure, most colonic fans report feeling lighter and less bloated.

Isn't this all kind of embarrassing?

If the idea of pooping in front of a complete stranger makes you feel shy, you're not alone. Most people worry about feeling embarrassed during their first colonic, but it's important to remember that colon hydrotherapists do this sort of thing all day long, and there's nothing coming out of you that they haven't seen before. Probably.

Furthermore, most modern colonic centers use a closed system, meaning you won't smell anything, and you don't even have to see what's coming out of your colon (unless you want to). Most first-time colonic getters report that the experience was not nearly as bad or embarrassing as they expected it to be.

What are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

So, why exactly would anyone choose to undergo colon hydrotherapy? Especially if they aren't suffering from constipation?

The colon performs important functions necessary for optimum health. These include absorbing nutrients and fluids from waste products, but also helping to remove toxins from the bloodstream and send them out with the rest of the body's waste. Proponents of colon hydrotherapy believe that when impacted waste accumulates in the colon, these toxins build up and re-enter the bloodstream instead of being evacuated, causing you to feel unwell. They theorize that by eliminating these blockages, it's possible to prevent this buildup of toxins and that the cleansed colon will also be able to better absorb nutrients.

The reported list of benefits to this detoxification process are long and include:

• Greater energy

• Fewer headaches

• Improved regularity

• Better absorption of vitamins and nutrients

• Improved concentration

• Better immune system function

• Relief from bloating and constipation

• Clearer skin

• Feelings of lightness and general well-being

Is colon hydrotherapy good for weight loss?

While you might be feel lighter and less bloated following a colon hydrotherapy session, it is not recommended as a weight-loss strategy since it flushes out waste, not fat. While the colon does play a role in the absorption of nutrients from our food, most calories are absorbed before they ever reach the large intestine. Sorry.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

It's important to note that, while colon hydrotherapy has legions of loyal fans, many medical professionals don't advocate getting it, insisting that there is no conclusive evidence that it can deliver the benefits it promises. The official stance of Mayo Clinic, for example, is that colonics are unnecessary since the digestive system and bowel are already designed to eliminate waste and bacteria naturally.

Though harmful side effects of colonics—which include bowel perforation, dehydration, infection, and electrolyte imbalance—are rare, many medical professionals argue that the risks, however unlikely, aren't worth it when the reported benefits of the treatment haven't been proven.

Colon hydrotherapy may also be unsafe for people with certain chronic diseases, including Crohn's disease and kidney disease. If you're considering trying colon hydrotherapy, be sure to discuss it with your doctor first to ensure it's a safe option for you. And always be sure to seek out a licensed practitioner and verify that they are performing the procedure legally (some states consider colonics a medical procedure and require they be performed under the supervision of a medical doctor).

How much does colon hydrotherapy cost?

The average cost of a colon hydrotherapy treatment is around $100. If you're looking for colon hydrotherapy deals near you, be sure to check out our website. Or, simply click one of the squares below.

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What are colon hydrotherapy reviews like?

Read what some of our customers had to say about their experiences with colon hydrotherapy:

"Loved my experience from the greeting to the goodbye. I went in for colon hydrotherapy and before this experience I would have said it's not the most comfortable thing to do or talk about but after my experience here I would say the exact opposite. I want to tell everyone about how great my experience was." – from Jocelyn E.'s review of Florade Wellness Center in Los Angeles, CA

"Ms. Ivy made sure I was happy and comfortable at all times all while maintaining my privacy. Her instructions were easy to understand. I had an awesome experience and decided to purchase 2 more colonics and membership. Thank you for making me feel comfortable." – from Ebony M.'s review of HC3 Wellness Center in Houston, TX

"Beautiful office, very relaxing. Procedure was easy and Wendy was so friendly and informative. I've already scheduled my follow up visits and plan on making this a regular part of my routine." – from Minh-Ngoc V.'s review of Refresh Your Soul in Sacramento, CA


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