What It’s Really Like to Get a Hydrating Facial

BY: Aimee Algas Alker |Sep 20, 2022

Winter does a number on facial skin—the icy wind, the dry indoor heat, even that tissue we use to soothe our dripping noses can leave us with dull, dry skin. That’s definitely what happens to me. And the cold weather came early this year, so when I had the chance to try a hydrating facial, I took it. This was my first facial ever, if you can believe it. But will it be my last?

The Hydrating Facial Process

I met with Rose at Chicago’s Skinsational Advanced Skincare, and she put me right at ease, explaining that this was the ideal treatment for the dry skin around my nose—a result of chafing from facial tissue—and promised the treatment should brighten my skin. So once I was cozied up in one of her plush robes, we were ready to go. She explained that the facial would happen in three steps: a deep cleaning, a microdermabrasion treat, and finally an oxygen facial.

Step 1: Deep Cleaning

For this step, Rose massaged cleansers into my face and neck before swiping them away. Of course, this was meant to remove any surface dirt that would impede the facial.

Step 2: Microdermabrasion

This was not only my first facial, but also my first microdermabrasion. When I asked her what it would feel like, she explained that lots of her clients say it’s like a cat licking your face. And she wasn’t wrong. It was like that, but if the cat also was able to give you a massage at the same time. It hurt a little bit, but it was the good kind of pain—not unlike a back massage—the kind that lets you know it’s working.

Step 3: The Main Event

Once the microdermabrasion scrubbed away the dead skin, we were ready for the oxygen facial. Rose used a paintbrush to sweep a calibrated mix of serums on my face and neck. Next, she went over the same areas with her oxygen tool, which breathed cool air onto my skin and made the serums feel more fluid and refreshing. The tool, Rose said, would help these serums penetrate the skin better. The coolness of the serums plus the strokes she used to massage my face created a relaxing experience like none I’d had before.

The Results

In one fell swoop, she eradicated the dry patchiness around my nose and mouth that would typically take several days—and some hydrocortisone cream—to clear up. My skin was brighter and fresher than it had been when I walked in. To be honest, my husband didn’t notice the difference, but I did.

Would I do it again?

Yes! I don’t make facials a regular part of my routine because they’re expensive, but with one of our deals, I could start fitting them into my schedule.


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