What Is Dysport and How Does It Work?

BY: Groupon Editors |Mar 30, 2017

Lines between the eyebrows are caused by a number of factors, including repetitive facial expressions like frowning. Dysport is an injectable that can help improve the appearance of these lines by paralyzing the muscles that form them. Read on to learn all about the wrinkle-fighter.

What is Dysport and how does it work, exactly?

Dysport is an injectable that paralyzes certain muscles in the forehead so they can't move, thus preventing wrinkles from forming. It can also soften existing lines over time. Like Botox, Dysport uses a type of botulinum type A to stop muscle movement (more on their differences below).

How long does Dysport last?

Results can last up to four months.

How much does Dysport cost?

The cost varies depending on where you live, but expect to pay about $300–$400 for 50 units. That said, if you use our site, you could find deals on Dysport near you for as low as $115 for 50 units. Dysport also tends to be a bit cheaper than Botox.

How many units do I need?

The number of Dysport units needed depends on the individual, but it is common to see about 50 units used for the frown lines between the eyebrows.

Is there any downtime?

Treatments take about 10–20 minutes, and most patients are in and out of the doctor's office without any downtime. There may be some swelling and redness at the injection sites immediately after the injections.

How soon can I see results?

Clients should see results within 2–3 days.

Am I eligible for Dysport?

A consultation will determine if you're eligible. However, in general, most adults younger than 65 are eligible. Do not get Dysport if you:

  • Are allergic to Dysport or any other botulinum toxin product (Botox, Xeomin, etc.)
  • Are allergic to cow's milk protein
  • Have an infection at the injection site

Dysport may not be right for you if:

  • You've had surgical changes to your face
  • You have weak muscles in the treatment area
  • Your face looks very different from side to side
  • You have droopy eyelids or sagging eyelid folds
  • You have inflammation at the injection site
  • You have deep facial scars
  • You have thick, oily skin
  • Your wrinkles can't be smoothed if they're spread apart

If you have other conditions, it is best to consult with your doctor before getting Dysport.

Is Dysport FDA-approved?

Dysport is FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines between the eyebrows, known as frown lines.

What's the difference between Dysport and Botox?

The two treatments are incredibly similar: both rely on a type of botulinum type A to work, both last up to four months, and both erase pesky wrinkles. There are a few key differences, however.

One is that Dysport and Botox are measured differently, so a forehead that needs 50 units of Dysport might only need 25 units of Botox. Dysport also has a tendency to spread, making it easier to tackle larger surfaces areas (like the forehead) with fewer injections. And unlike Botox, Dysport is not FDA-approved to treat crow's-feet (the fine lines around the eyes). Nonetheless, some doctors go "off-label" and use Dysport on this area anyway.