What’s Your Chicago Foodie IQ?

BY: RACHEL MATUCH | 7.19.2013 |

What’s Your Chicago Foodie IQ?Chicago's foodscape is vibrant, diverse, and sprawling. So keeping up with its goings-on is quite the challenge. Are you in the know? Prove it—or get up to speed—with this round of culinary trivia. Then see how you stack up.


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1. There are now about 120 food trucks in Chicago. What famous deep-dish joint sent its new food truck out on the streets at the beginning of the summer?

2. A judge recently dismissed the city's petition to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by three food-truck operators. The lawsuit challenges a ban that requires food trucks to stay how far from brick-and-mortar restaurants?

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3. Bekim and Ilir Frrokaj are suing Charlie Trotter, who they say charged them $46,227.20 for something that turned out to be fake. What was it?

4. Before it closed in 2012, Charlie Trotter's was a two-star Michelin Guide restaurant. What is the only three-star restaurant in Chicago?

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5. Chicago foodies have decried the Michelin inspectors' failure to rank another of Grant Achatz’s projects, Next, which reimagines itself with an entirely new menu a few times each year. What's the current menu theme?

6. Upton's Naturals is slated to open a vegan café, Upton's Breakroom, on the site of its new processing plant. What is Upton's Naturals famous for making?



1) Giordano's

2) 200 feet

3) A bottle of wine—supposedly a 1945 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, to be exact.

4) Alinea

5) Vegan

6) Seitan, a meat substitute


How’d you do?

5–6 right: Food Maven

Congrats! You’re a fountain of food knowledge and restaurant recommendations. We can only stand in awe of your hard-earned, grease-stained wisdom.

3–4 right: Proud Chicagoan

You’re a food-savvy local, up to scratch on who’s who and what’s delicious. We hereby award you 5 million points.

1–2 right: Food-Aware

You pick up on some things, but you’re not up-to-date on the latest news. Maybe you should see if Graham Elliot can hang out sometime.

0 right: Out-of-Towner

You live in Boston.

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BY: Rachel Matuch Guide Staff Writer