Which Phoenix Concert Venue Matches Your Personality?

BY: Roy Ivy |Jul 13, 2015
Which Phoenix Concert Venue Matches Your Personality?

The Phoenix concert scene is a microcosm of humanity, with something for every kind of music lover. But music represents only half of the equation—where you see a concert matters just as much as the band or artist in question. Certain venues are best for those who need a comfy chair, while others are made for those who just can’t stand sitting still. But whether you're laid-back, ready for the party, or the World's Best Dad, rest assured: there's a Phoenix concert venue that gets you.

For the Laid-Back Hipster: The Lost Leaf | Downtown Phoenix

The Vibe: While this house-turned-bar has the feel of Brooklyn in the late ‘90s, it overcomes the stigmas of hipsterness with unapologetically friendly bartenders, an outdoor patio, and the occasional square-dancing lesson. 
The Music: A flurry of local and touring acts, from rock bands to DJs, keeps the music going 365 days a year. Best of all? Every live show is free. 
Why It Suits You: Because you just want to kick back with a cold one under dim lighting and not be bothered, but you don’t object to the friendly company of others.

For the Punk Who Thrives on Chaos: Palo Verde Lounge | Tempe

The Vibe: The cannonball of dive bars, Palo Verde Lounge (known to some as “The Dirty Verde”) is a dark and dingy joint annexed to a liquor store. Here, every patron is a character, and those characters came to drink. 
The Music: Punk with a capital P-U from local and touring bands. When the right show meets the right crowd, it’s sweaty chaos of the highest order. 
Why It Suits You: You need a room that can hold your frantic energy, you don’t care about silly things like tinnitus or personal space, and you suspect you’re a little bit immortal.

For the Urban Cowboy: Buffalo Chip Saloon | Cave Creek

The Vibe: If not for the electricity and pasteurized beer, Buffalo Chip could easily be mistaken for a time portal into the Old West. The old-fashioned saloon is complete with a sprawling dance floor that hosts the rootinest, tootinest events in Phoenix. 
The Music: Both kinds: country and western. Live tunes come four nights a week, courtesy of the old-school preservationists of the Pat James Band. 
Why It Suits You: You’ve ridden a horse, you were born in those boots, and you’ve said, “Don’t rock the jukebox, I wanna hear some Jones” with utmost sincerity at least once in your life.

For the Selfie Addict: Crescent Ballroom | Downtown Phoenix

The Vibe: The lounge of this garage-turned-indie-mecca has quickly morphed into one of Phoenix’s most hopping social scenes. Plenty of late-night dancing takes place beneath its exposed rafters. 
The Music: Whatever’s gracing the front page of Pitchfork on any given day, channeled through one of the best sound systems in town. 
Why It Suits You: You’re a millennial mover and shaker, and you wanna move it and shake it with those of your ilk.

For the World’s Coolest Dad: Comerica Theatre | Downtown Phoenix

The Vibe: Professional, polished, and streamlined concerts with pristine sound, sharp views, and punctual schedules. Phoenix theaters don’t get better than this. 
The Music: Top-tier musical acts that unite all ages, plus the occasional comedian, boxing match, or Broadway show. 
Why It Suits You: When it comes to concerts, you like your seats assigned and your air conditioning cranked to 11. Go ahead, take it easy. You’ve earned this.

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