The Guide to Women’s Vibrators

BY: Editors |Oct 16, 2018

Congrats! You have taken a step toward better sexual wellness by opening up this guide to women’s vibrators. We created it because we know the world of adult toys can be a little intimidating, and we wanted solos and couples to feel confident in their toy choice. So before you buy, here's what you should know about vibrators. 

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First things first: vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. The best vibrators for women also have plenty of special features that appeal to just about everyone. More likely than not, there’s a design out there that’s made with you in mind.

Types of Vibrators

Vibrating Eggs and Bullet Vibrators 

When you need something highly discreet

Though small in size, vibrating eggs and bullet vibrators pack plenty of power. These women’s toys are great for first-time buyers and those who want a little something to pack along on a trip or even slip inside their purse. Their proportions also make them easy to control.

How to Use

They’re designed to stimulate the clitoris, though some egg vibrators are also insertable. Look for one that hits your own pleasure centers.

Bonus Features

A bullet vibe with a remote gives you the power to control it from the palm of your hand—or you can hand it over to a partner.

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Rabbit Vibrators 

When you want a powerful multitasker

If you ever watched the TV show Sex and the City, you’ve probably heard of this vibrator (and remember when the women had to stage an intervention to take it away from Charlotte and get her out of bed.) The rabbit vibrator gets its name from the two “ears” that protrude from the shaft. These ears tickle the clitoris while the shaft penetrates the vagina to hit the G-spot. Some even have an anal attachment. Because it stimulates multiple points at once, many consider it to be one of the best vibrators for women.

How to Use

Most models have different modes of speed, vibration, and pulsation, so you can start off slow and then build up to climax. You don’t even need to insert it till you’re ready—try starting off with the tickling ears over the clitoris, then inserting it when you’re near orgasm.

Bonus Features

For greater sensation and a more lifelike feel, look for a vibrator that thrusts and rotates. Some are even self-heating for an added sensory dimension.

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G-spot Vibrators 

When you want to push your button

As its name implies, a G-spot vibrator’s curved head is designed to reach the area of the vagina that’s especially dense with nerve endings.

How to Use

After you’re warmed up, slowly slip it inside your vagina and feel around. A couple centimeters in, you should feel a sudden jolt of stimulation.

Bonus Features

Some models have bumps and ridges for extra pleasure.

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Couples Vibrators 

When you want to use it with a partner

Couples vibrators stimulate your clitoris and G-spot at once, while simultaneously boosting pleasure for a male partner during penetrative sex.

How to Use

It’s meant to be inserted along with the penis during sex. If you’re having trouble making both fit, use a lubricant—just make sure it won’t damage the toy. Our guide to lubricantscan help you find the best one.

Bonus Features

Look for a wireless remote, multiple vibration modes, or a rotatable outer arm to boost pleasure multiple ways.

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What makes a good vibrator?


Look for something nonporous, something labeled body-safe, and something that’s easy to clean. Silicone is all three, though it can't be used with silicone lubricants. If you prefer silicone lubricants, shop for a vibrator made from glass, stainless steel, or nontoxic hard plastic.

Pro Tip: If you're shopping on a budget, toys made of porous substances, such as thermoplastic rubber (TPR), PVC, latex, or jelly rubber, are generally cheaper. Slip a condom over a porous toy for extra safety. 

Customizable Settings

Look for multiple speeds/vibrations/pulsations to help build momentum and fine-tune your experience. Variety makes it easier to confidently take a chance on a new toy, and it might keep you from getting bored with it over time. 


Look for a personal vibrator that has a whisper-quiet or silent motor, especially if you live with roommates or have thin walls. Few vibrators are completely silent, so try turning it on and then leaving the room before using it if you want to be sure the noise doesn’t travel. 

Water Resistance

Look for a waterproof model if you like the idea of using a vibrator in the shower or bath. Make sure the product details say it’s “submersible.” Submersible vibrators have a special seal to ensure the battery stays dry, and they can generally be used up to a depth of about 3 feet. 

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