Your Purse Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Purse

BY: AMELIA BUZZELL | 6.4.2014 |

Your Purse Doesn’t Have to Look Like a PurseIt holds your keys, your cash, and your lip balm. It probably complements your shoes or your belt. But if your purse looks like a purse, you’re missing out on a trend that’s gaining momentum: handbags made to look like anything but.

This season, you can find a purse shaped like a snack, an animal, or even a piece of machinery. To ease into this quirky trend, let the bag be the focus: pair it with an outfit composed of solid colors and sleek lines, such as jeans and a button-down.


1. Grand Tour Wicker Camera; Kate Spade ($178, on sale)

2. Feline Bold bag; ModCloth ($59.99)

3. Gummi Bear clutch; Charlotte Olympia ($797, on sale)

4. Queen of Hearts clutch; Urania Gazelli (price upon request); similar style available at Anthropologie ($998)

5. On the Prowl handbag; Mary Frances ($308)

6. Wireless clutch; Charlotte Olympia ($597, on sale)

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BY: Amelia Buzzell Guide Staff Writer