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Jess Snively

Jess Snively

Guide Staff Writer

Jess is an avid DIYer and the founder and artisan behind Milton and Margie's Soy WaxCandles.

Latest articles by Jess Snively

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Why give a gift from the heart when you can give one from your real love epicenter: your adrenal glands.

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Channel Edgar Allan Poe as you usher in fall with these eerie black-and-white gourds.

Five Places to Get a Denver Oil Change


Denver’s high altitude and rough winters make regular car maintenance especially crucial. Here are five of the best Denver auto-service shops.

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Cement mix, cupcake liners, and a little gold paint are virtually all you need to inject a little glamour into your green space.

How to Make an Indoor Hanging Garden for Your Apartment


Good news, apartment dwellers: all it takes to make this hanging garden are a few tools, some tin cans and chain, and plants of your choice—no backyard required.

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An expert in yoga for kids demonstrates how to adapt the practice for a child’s attention span.

Make Your Own Yoga Bolster and Mat-Carrying Strap


Relax your mind and protect your wallet with a simple sewing DIY.

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This bordering-on-ridiculous fashion statement combines comfort and glamour.

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Do you have nerves of steel or do you jump at even the tiniest kitten sneeze? Find the best escape rooms for your personality.

How to Creatively Package a Groupon Gift


On a budget? Here are three easy (and adorable) ways wrap up a Groupon experience.

Myths and Facts: Using Face Oil for Dry Skin


We know—it’s called face oil. We’re just as shocked as you are that it won’t actually make your face oily.

Father's Day Gifts That Get the Whole Family Involved


Sure, a tie and a stick-figure drawing will make him smile, but our Father’s Day activities will give him an experience he’ll remember for years to come.

Stress-Free Mother’s Day Gifts that Involve the Whole Family


These Mother’s Day gifts get the whole family involved, whether the kids are infants or well into adulthood.

Five Kids Activities That Will Get Them Outside


Is it a struggle to get your indoor-loving kid outside? Here are five activities for kids to get them into the great outdoors.

5 Kids Activities That You’ll Love, Too


Yes, children are our future, but we’ve all seen Frozen more times than we’d like to admit. Here are some kids activities that you’ll both love.

DIY Beard Oil and Aftershave to Beef Up Dad’s Grooming Routine


Lovingly upgrade your dad’s grooming regimen with nourishing beard oil and aftershave that smell as manly as a newborn man.

Indoor Skydiving is an Out-of-Body Experience


No parachute? No problem. An editor tries indoor skydiving for the first time, and learns to love the vertical wind tunnel.

How to Make Vinyl-Record Bookends Without Burning Your Delicate Craft Hands


It takes a half-hour, a few household supplies, and basically zero skill. Just watch that boiling water.

This Cinco de Mayo Piñata Will Literally Drive Your Guests Insane


Use cardboard, crepe paper, and glue to make a cactus piñata that’s so cute, your party guests will be forced to beat the living daylights out of it.

This Art Gallery Is the Opposite of Pretentious


The owners of Paperish Mess just want to make art accessible to their Ukrainian Village neighbors—and maybe grab a beer with an outgoing artist or two.