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Kate Raftery

Kate Raftery

Guide Staff Writer

Kate reads just about everything she lays eyes on, especially when it regards style and beauty trends. Despite this, she is still totally inept at applying eyeliner.

Latest articles by Kate Raftery

What Is Microneedling?


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment designed to reduce the look of scars, wrinkles, and lax skin. But is it right for you?

A Holiday Survival Guide for Worst-Case Scenarios


Illnesses. Burnt meals. Forgotten gifts. Be prepared for the worst with our holiday survival guide.

How to Break Up with Your Hairstylist


Breaking up is always hard, especially if you’re leaving someone who you’ve trusted for years … with your hair.

Three Ways Engagement Rings Can Go Beyond a Diamond Solitaire


Diamond rings may seem timeless, but the tradition dates back less than 100 years. You’re not beholden to it.

What to Wear (and Not Wear) to a Job Interview, with Tips from a Career Coach and a Tech Recruiter


We put together potential job-interview outfits for conservative and casual fields.

11 Gadgets That Will Modernize Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist


Nearly every appliance in our homes is considered "smart." Can't brooms have their moment in the sun too?

Don't Let the Results of Your Teeth-Whitening Treatment Fade Away


Keep your teeth looking white long after your trip to the whitening clinic. You don’t even need special toothpaste.

The Fittest Cities in America, Ranked


Groupon sales data found the fittest cities in America, calculating just which Americans most love yoga, CrossFit, and other activities Groupon sells deals for, including trapeze (which is totally an activity).

How Los Angeles Residents Can Keep It Clean While Conserving Water


From golf courses to gardening, the drought has affected a lot in Los Angeles. House cleaning is no different.

Why Back Pain Is More Avoidable Than You Might Think


A Denver chiropractor identifies several causes of back pain and what you can do about them.

How to Spend All Day at the Slots and Only Feel It in Your Wallet


Your bank account may suffer, but there's no reason to inflict pain on your spine, too.

A Most Spiritual (But Accessible) Yoga Teacher


She loves seeing students open themselves up to new experiences, but she also knows how to make them sweat.

How Women Over 50 Get Fit (and Kick Butt)


You’re never too old to build muscle and improve your aerobic fitness. Here are some tips for exercising in your 50s.

Why LA Commutes Are Painful—Literally


A Los Angeles chiropractor explores residents’ unhealthy habits and treatments that relieve the pain they cause.

How Both IndyCar and Minivan Drivers Can Prevent Lower-Back Pain


Spending hours sitting in a car isn't good for anyone, even pro drivers. Here's how you can prevent and treat back pain.

Our Staff Picks Their Favorite Things to Do, Eat, and See in Five US Cities


Heading to New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, or Boston? Read our list of staff picks for the best things to do in each city.

Doing DC by Foot Is Surprisingly Easy


Museums, restaurants, and cultural experiences abound in Washington, DC—and you can walk to all of them.

Six Must-Knows Before Your Date-Night Cooking Class


Whether it’s your third date or a couples getaway from the kids, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know.

The 10 Friendliest Cities, Ranked by Customer Satisfaction


A year’s worth of customer satisfaction data has crowned a new center for friendly servers and custodians.

Wedding Invitation Ideas from Three Designers to Help Match Your Theme to Your Invite


Is your wedding classic or contemporary? Will the invitations be sleek and modern or stick to convention and include no fewer than 15 pieces of paper?

Your Skin Is Mature, So Your Skin-Care Regimen Should Be, Too


Aging and hormone changes can mean wrinkles and, yes, adult acne. Lessen the effects of time with these skin-care tips for women over 50.

Which Cities Are Best at Keeping Their New Year’s Resolutions?


Most of us make New Year's resolutions to get fit and healthy. But only some of us, including Groupon users in these cities, actually do something about it.

Prescribe Your Loved One a Spa Gift With This Diagram of Common Ailments


Where does it hurt? We map out common bodily complaints and the massage and spa gifts you can provide for a treat.

The Most Romantic Cities in America May Surprise You


It’s not all about tropical getaways in Maui and fireside cuddles in Vail. Even St. Louis can be romantic.

What Gold, Wine, and Caviar Can Do for Your Skin


Precious metals, fine wines, and other luxe ingredients are frequent components of high-end facials. But what exactly can they do for your skin?

Even Diehards Dread These CrossFit Workouts


These CrossFit workouts are intimidating, no question. But with the help of a CrossFit coach, we explain why they’re popular and how even beginners can do them.

The Beauty Treatments to Help Your Skin, Hair, and Nails Bounce Back from Winter


We’re itching for spring to start, but first we have to reverse the effects of dry, cold weather with these beauty treatments.

The Best Nail Polishes, Ranked Across 7 Categories


Our beauty editors’ comprehensive guide to the best nail polishes, including the top brands for base coat, affordability, nontoxic formula, and more.

Gift Ideas for Mom, According to Her Yearbook Superlative


Is the lady in your life Class Clown or Most Likely to Succeed? Applying high-school superlatives may help with your shopping list.

A Guide to LASIK Eye Surgery for People with Eye Phobias


Is LASIK eye surgery permanent? How well does it work? Does it hurt? A squeamish Groupon beauty editor had the same questions and sought out the answers.

Five (New) Ways to Pamper Mom


These spa gifts for mom make Mother’s Day an opportunity to unwind in new, unexpected ways.

What Qualifies LASIK’s Ideal Candidates?


Done with your glasses and contact lenses? Use this article to find out whether you could be an ideal LASIK candidate.

What Is LASIK and How Does It Work?


Learn about what LASIK is, how the surgery works, and whether you’re an ideal candidate.

Three of the Best Short Hairstyles for Women


Short hairstyles are popular among celebs, but us long-haired regular folks are rightfully circumspect. That’s why we selected favorite cuts that would look at home on nearly everyone.

4 Lip Balms, 16 Days, 10 Sets of Lips: The Panic to Find the Best Lip Balm Before Winter Hits


We sought lip-balm advice from a dermatologist, then had our beauty team test four different types. The balm at the top of the list? It’s a tie.

Your French Manicure Can Be Way More Fun


Sometimes you should give tradition the finger. Try these three modern interpretations of the classic manicure.

How Do You Spend 5 Hours at a Day Spa? Toppers Spa/Salon Shows Us How


Toppers Spa/Salon walked us through one of their best day-spa packages. Spoilers: expect rosemary oils, but no mashed potatoes.

How to Keep a Spa Day Feeling Special


Your trip to the spa should be invigorating, not boring. Stay away from the usual by booking one of these 8 uncommon yet relaxing treatments.

Modernize Your French-Tip Nails


Three modern twists on french-tip nails give the traditional look a whole new vibe.

How to Stay Fit and Enjoy Holiday Indulgences


This holiday season, don’t fret about your food choices. Check out these four fitness routines that countering the calories from four major holidays.

No Childcare, No Problem: Date-Night Ideas for Parents Determined to Get Out of the House


Don't lose hope when the babysitter cancels—your date night can be saved! Check out these ideas for romantic dates that include the kids.

These Anti-Aging Treatments Help Divert the March of Time


These high-tech treatments make it their job to target wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging.

Choose a Medical-Spa Treatment, Then Learn How to Schedule It


Although these medical-spa treatments don’t usually require downtime, there’s an art to booking appointments for the best results.

7 Workouts with Benefits Beyond Calorie Burning


Workouts as wide-ranging as hot yoga, boot camp, and kickboxing considered for reasons beyond 'most likely to succeed.'

A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable


We've compiled 10 methods for taming frizzy hair, from easy at-home tasks to more drastic measures that may require a professional stylist’s know-how.

7 Ways to Use the Paintings and Drawings from Your Kids' Art Lessons


Got the kids registered for art lessons? Here are a few ideas for using their surplus artwork—from archiving it to decorating your house (or your skin!).

Date Night Ideas for Parents When the Babysitter Cancels


Don't lose hope when the babysitter cancels—your date night can be saved! Check out these romantic but kid-friendly date ideas.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: A Cheat Sheet


Want to know how to get rid of cellulite? We explain the science behind various treatments and tell you which method you should choose if you have a wedding next week.