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Shannon Grilli

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13 Photos of Adorable Dogs Wearing Cute Clothes


We rounded up 13 photos of dogs wearing clothes from our website and it made our day much, much better.


Our Top Personalized Gifts


Our editors' picks for 12 personalized gifts that look like they took a ton of effort (but they really took just a few extra clicks).

Does Acupuncture Hurt? (And How Does It Work?)


People are turning to the ancient practice to treat allergies and chronic pain, but just how does acupuncture work?

Dumplings: An Illustrated Guide


These 9 dumplings are almost too cute to eat. Almost.


Does Acupuncture Hurt? (And How Does It Work?)


People are turning to the ancient practice to treat allergies and chronic pain, but just how does acupuncture work?

How to Use a Diffuser on Curly Hair


We break down how to use a diffuser to define curls and also rate five of the best diffusers on our site.

How to Clean Cast Iron Pans: The Ultimate Guide


Our quick, two-lesson guide teaches you how to season and how to clean cast iron pots and pans so you can invest in new cookware without fear!


9 Great Spots for Chicago Comfort Food


Restaurants serving fresh pieorgis, hearty Italian beef, and honey-butter drenched fried chicken prove that Chicago is the comfort food capital of the Midwest.

Do You Really Need a Bike Tune Up?


If you want to keep your wheels spinning all year long, a bike tune up is essential. But just what happens during a bike tune up? Our guide breaks it down.


What is Tex Mex?


The stuff you usually call "Mexican Food" is actually pretty American in origin. But just what is Tex Mex and how is it defined?


Fancy and Inexpensive New Year's Eve Decorations


Forget Times Square–these easy and sophisticated New Year's Eve decorations will make your place to the place to be.


4 Reasons to Visit a Salt Cave This Winter


A salt cave session may sound weird, but did you know it can help you breathe better, look better, and even sleep better?

10 Great Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything


Looking for a present for a friend who already has it all? One of our 10 gifts for someone who has everything might be perfect.


Christmas Dinner Ideas from My Mom


For a memorable holiday meal, borrow these Christmas dinner ideas from a seasoned pro—my mom.


The Best Gift Baskets


Boring cracker and cheese assortment? Not if our list of the best gift baskets has anything to say about it.

The 10 Best Chicago Hot Dog Spots


Everyone thinks their favorite dog is the best Chicago hot dog, but did yours make our top 10 list?


Our Favorite Gifts for Mom


Our editors' favorite gifts for mom are fun, personal, and classy (just like her).

10 Gifts for Sisters That Are Great for Bonding & Embarrassing


What do you buy the woman who knows you best (and has copies of your most embarassing photos)? Our list of gifts for sisters has the answer.


Three Photo Booth Themes You Haven't Thought Of


You won't find a single moustache or pair of silly sunglasses in these photo booth ideas.

The Best Best Friend Gifts


There are friend gifts and then there are best friend gifts. But what do you buy the person who's been there for you through thick and thin? Our list is here to help.

12 Fun Things to Do with Kids in NYC


Think the Big Apple is just for grownups? These 12 fun things to do with kids in NYC will change your mind.


What is Ramen and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?


This microwave staple morphed into a decade-long gourmet trend. But just what is ramen and how did it become such a hit?

The Best Food in Boston: A Bucket List


Our Best Food in Boston list covers everything from chowdah to spuckies... whatever those are.

10 Fun Birthday Gifts for Her


What do you get the woman who has everything? One of these birthday gifts for her is a good start.


10 Totally Awesome Baby Gifts That Aren't Diapers


Our guide to baby gifts will leave you in "awwww".


Our Favorite Deals on Pumpkin Spice Products


Finally, new ways to ingest (and wear, and groom, and decorate with) pumpkin spice without standing in a coffee line.

Our Favorite Baby Shower Gifts


Rompers are nice, but parents need a lot more when bringing home a tiny human for the first time. These baby shower gifts will help them through those first months and then some.


Nigiri vs Sashimi vs Maki: What's the Difference?


Our guide explains how to tell your sashimi from your maki and your maki from your temaki.

Our Favorite Housewarming Gifts


Our simple guide to housewarming gifts will ensure you never show up empty handed.

10 Ice Cream Sundaes to Try Before You Die


When it comes to ice cream sundaes, the bigger and more decadent, the better. Check out our list of the country's 10 best.

Indian Food for Beginners: A Menu Guide for First-Timers


Indian cuisine is rich, complex, and full of words most Westerners aren't familiar with. Our Indian Food for Beginners Guide is here to help.

What Our Customers Taught Us About Groupon+ Deals


Seamless, free-to-claim, and totally discreet—our top customers explain why they love the new Groupon+ deals for restaurants.

Our 12 Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts


Whether you waited too long to shop the registry or just want to gift something unique, our list of bridal shower gifts is here to help.

Our 5 Favorite Contour Kits Under $25


Professional makeup artists know that a cheap contour kit can be just as good as one with a steep price tag. We round up five of our favorite budget picks.

DIY or Buy: Car Wash Edition


Is it really cheaper to wash your car at home vs. at a professional car wash? We ran the numbers to find the better deal.

How to Behave Before, During, and After a Massage


We asked a licensed massage therapist whether or not you should talk during your treatment, and why it’s best to be fully naked.

10 Bridesmaid Gifts That Are Special And Inexpensive


They put on an ugly dress for you, so how will you repay them? One of these 10 non-terrible bridesmaid gifts would be a good start.

Why Lawn Aeration Is the Key to a Healthy Backyard


Those tiny dirt plugs may look weird, but they're also key for a healthy, green lawn. Here's what you need to know about lawn aeration.

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Repair Costs (And Sweaty Summer Nights)


An air conditioning repair is the service you don't think you need ... until it's too late.

The Basics of Toenail Fungus Treatment


Thick, yellow nails are embarrassing, but our toenail fungus treatment guide is here to help with tips on how to kick infections to the curb.

This is Why We Eat Chocolate Bunnies at Easter


How a German diety is responsible for the creation of the ubiquitous chocolate bunny.

Finding the Best Home Foot Massager for You


Arches aching? We've got home foot massager products that can help you find relief without getting off the sofa.

A Three-Day Classic Chicago Restaurants Challenge


We set out to see how many iconic Chicago dining experiences we could squeeze into one weekend, all using the new Groupon+ deals.

How to Make a Manicure Last Longer


These seven tips will keep your polish chip-free longer and ensure you never have to hide your hands in your pockets again.

The Surprising History of Fried Chicken


How Scottish and African cooking techniques combined to create this most American of dishes.

What is Gelato and How is it Different Than Ice Cream?


Rich and fluffy vs. dense and smooth. Learn the differences between our two favorite frozen desserts.

How to Make a Bloody Mary


Our guide shows you how to make a bloody mary, tailored to your hangover level.

The Surprise Cult Following of Kraft Old English Cheese


This throwback pantry staple from the 70s has been making a comeback. But why? 

The Best Blood Pressure Monitor, According to Your Needs


Why type of blood pressure monitor is best for you? Our guide breaks down the various at-home models, so you find the perfect fit.

5 Perfect Mom's Night Out Ideas


Mom's need time with their friends just as much as we do. Our Mom's Night Out ideas will help get the party started.