Yes, You Really Can Save a Lot on Costco Gas

Man filling up his car's gas tank

On a list of why people love their Costco memberships, getting to fill up at a Costco gas station is always at the top. The reason: you can save some serious coin. But don’t just take our word for it. We answered the most popular questions to show you just how great this deal is.

Is Costco Gas Worth the Hype?

Groupon Coupons' savvy savers did the math so you don’t have to, and it turns out that yes, you can likely recoup the annual price of the Costco membership with your savings at the Costco pump.

How Much Cheaper is Costco Gas?

This fluctuates, but Costco can be up to 25 cents cheaper per gallon than other competitors. The average is closer to 21 cents per gallon. Pricing varies from location to location, so the best bet is to look it up on a gas app (like GasBuddy) or to check next time you drive past your local Costco before heading anywhere else. 

If you’re not interested in becoming a Costco member, check out all the ways to save at Costco without a membership.

Who Can Use a Costco Gas Station?

Only Costco members can fill up at Costco gas stations. You have to swipe your membership card at the pump before it will work. Get around the membership rule with a Costco gift card! Anyone with a gift card can use the pumps. Just one problem though. You have to be a member to buy Costco gift cards. You can always ask a friend or family member to buy one for you next time they’re going shopping.

How Much Will Buying Gas at Costco Save Me?

The exact amount depends on how often you buy gas. But you can easily save the amount of a Costco Gold Star Membership in just a few months. This alone makes the membership and the gas perk worth it. The numbers are even more favorable if, like most families, you have more than one car you have to fill up.

Here’s how the math works out:

  • Costco membership cost per year: $60
  • Avg. American drives 13,500 miles per year
  • Avg. American car gets 25 miles per gallon
  • Avg. American buys 540 gallons of gas per year
  • Avg. Costco savings per gallon: $0.21
  • Avg. Costco savings per car per year: $113.40 
  • Avg. annual savings minus the Costco membership: $53.40

SAVINGS HACK: Remember that with a Costco Executive Membership you earn 2% back on eligible Costco purchases.

Is Costco Gas High Quality?

This is one of the many cases at Costco where you get way more than what you pay for. Costco is famously secretive about its gasoline provider, but it will tell us that it meets the TOP TIER licensing requirements recommended by car manufacturers like Audi and BMW. So members get higher-than-average gas at much-lower-than-average prices.