Dorm Room Decor Essentials

Dorm Room Checklist

Jul 14, 2022

There are so many new and exciting things about going off to college, but decking out your dorm room has got to be one of the most fun. Over the summer, you and your new roomie get to decide what you want your new home to look and feel like—and there are so many options. The Groupon Coupons team put together a list of dorm room essentials and tons of fun stuff to really make you feel at home.

Dorm Bedding

7Pc. Comforter Set

Back to School, Dorm Room Essentials Bedding

Dorm rooms are small, which makes the bedding the center of the room. The dots on this comforter set are fun but not overpowering.

Bed Bath & Beyond — $104.99+

Plush Sherpa Blanket

Back to School, Dorm Room Fuzzy Blanket


No matter how old you are, sometimes you just want to cozy up with a soft fuzzy blanket in bed or to watch a movie. This ultra-plush option can be used as bedding or as a throw blanket.


Walmart — $8.98

Dorm Kitchen

Compact Microwave

Back to School Dorm Essentials Small Microwave

A mini microwave is a luxury in a small college dorm, but one you won't regret having. It's nice to be able to heat up leftover pizza or make your own late-night snacks like ramen noodles and popcorn, especially when cafeteria hours and options might be more limited. This model is small, so it will fit nicely on top of a dorm-sized refrigerator or a small countertop.

Best Buy —$64.99

20Pc. Flatware Set

Back to School Dorm Silverware Set

Just like you'll need a few dishes for late nights and weekends when the cafeteria is closed, you'll also need silverware. This set has everything you need, but at just 20 pieces, storage won't be a problem. 

Target — $15


3Pc. Duvet Cover Set

Back to School, Dorm Room Bedding Duvet Cover

A solid neutral color (there are several to choose from) is a great building block to design a dorm around. Even though dorm beds are twin XLs, we like a larger queen-size comforter for extra coziness.

H&M —

3Pc. Sheets Set

Back to School, Dorm Room Sheets Set Twin XL


At this low, low price, you'll probably want to stock up and get 2–3 sets! Don't forget to buy twin XL sheets if that's what your dorm room information calls for; twin-size sheets will not be long enough.


Target — $7.12


Dorm Fridge

Back to School, Dorm Mini Fridge

This retro model is perfectly sized for a dorm room—it's only 31in. tall and 19in. wide, so it can fit into the smallest of spaces. Bonus the door has dry erase board material, so you can write notes and reminders directly on it.

Walmart —$149.99

4Pc. Glasses Set

Back to School, Dorm Drinking Glasses

These 4-piece sets come in either the high ball or rocks size, and at $5.99 each, it might be worth it to get one of each. This set is made of thick, sturdy glass so it can stand up to everyday use.

Bed Bath & Beyond — $5.99


6Pc. Bedding Set

Back to School, Dorm Room Bedding Comforter Set

You can't go wrong with a classic plaid pattern bedding set. It's from Amazon Basics and has everything you need to make the bed, including a comforter, sheets, 1 pillowcase, 1 sham, and a bedskirt.

Amazon —$46.09

3Pc. Sheets Set

Back to School, Dorm Room Sheets Set Twin XL


Sheets don't have to be boring—there sets come in a range of fun colors and patterns. Plus they are easy-to-care-for microfiber, perfect for college students still figuring out how to do laundry.


Amazon — $14.99


16Pc. Dish Set

Dorm Dishes Set

Buying a small dish set is cost- and space-effective. This 16-piece set has everything you need in a dorm room: bowls for ramen and cereal, mugs for coffee, and plates for everything else. Plus it won't take up much space. 

The Home Depot — $44.98

42Pc. Food Storage Set

Back to School Dorm Storage Tupperware

This Rubbermaid set's interlocking lids make storage easier and make it harder to lose a lid. The set is so large, parents might even be able to keep a few containers for themselves. 

Walmart — $29.63

Dorm Decor

Felt letterboard

Back to School, Cute Dorm Decor, Letter Board

Customize a sign for your dorm's door or hang it inside as wall art. This one comes with hundreds of letters, numbers, and symbols in different fonts so you'll never run out of things to say.

Amazon — $19.99

Peel & Stick Wall Dots

Back to School Cute Dorm Decor Custom Pop Art

Worried about missing your family, friends, or pets from back home? Have a custom piece of pop art made in their honor. Save up to 20% on any pop art canvas with code POP20.


Canvas Champ — $14.19+

Dorm Storage

Shower Caddy

Dorm Shower Caddy Storage

Keep all your shower supplies organized and portable with a handy shower caddy.

Amazon — $18.49

Over-Door Storage

Back to School Dorm Hanging Storage

Take advantage of all the space in your dorm room by keeping small items in an over-the-door organizer.

Target — $21.49


Neon Cactus

Back to School, Cute Dorm Decor, Neon sign

Brighten up your space with a fun neon light. Target has several options, including desktop versions and wall-hanging ones.

Target — $14.99+

Folding Saucer Chair

Cute Dorm Decor, Small Chair

These chairs were made for small college dorm rooms. This one's fuzzy texture makes it extra-cozy.


Amazon — $39.52



USB Bed Lifts 

 Dorm Bed Lifts

Add extra storage and power supply under your sleeping space with a set of bed lifts. 

Bed Bath & Beyond — $17.99

Slim Hangers

Back to School, Dorm Storage, Slim Hangers

The closets are just as small as the rest of the space in a dorm room, so maximizing hanging space is key. These ulta-thin hangers take up less space than plastic ones and clothes are less likely to slip off.

Bed Bath & Beyond — $26.25 (50)


Fairy Lights & Photo Display

Back to School, Cute Dorm Decor, Photos

Wall decor that does it all—mood lighting and a way to display some of your favorite photos.

Bed Bath & Beyond — $4.99

Tissue Paper Tassels

Back to School, Cute Dorm Decor, Paper Tassels


Make every day feel a little more like a party with tissue paper tassels that are whimsical and come in tons of colors.


Amazon — $9.95

Bedside Folder

Back to School, Cute Dorm Decor & Storage

A must-have, especially if your bed is lofted, for your phone, remote, and other items.

Bed Bath & Beyond — $21

Storage Ottoman

Back to School, Dorm Storage, Ottoman

A quadruple threat, this piece of furniture can be a seat, a footstool, a side table, and hidden storage! 

Wayfair — $78.99


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