Home Depot Savings Hack: Credit Card

By: Carolyn Fitchard

Home Depot credit card at checkout

The Home Depot credit card is a little different from other store credit cards. You won’t get discounts or earn points every time you swipe it, but it can save you money—if you use it wisely. Follow Groupon Coupons’ tips for maximizing the credit card’s benefits and getting what you need at Home Depot.

What is the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card?

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is a store credit card that has two major benefits: a new account discount and six months of special financing. It’s free to use and easy to sign up for (subject to approval). And once you do, you’ll be able to use it to make purchases on appliances, home decor, furniture, kitchenware, flooring, and more online at homedepot.com and at any Home Depot store. Here are a few features:

  • No annual fee
  • 6 months financing on $299+
  • Up to 24 months financing during special promotions
  • Longer return period (1 year vs. 90 days for non-cardholders) 
  • Zero liability on unauthorized charges
  • Up to $100 off qualifying purchases for new accounts 

What Credit Score Do You Need for a Home Depot Credit Card?

You’ll need a 640 score or higher to be eligible for a Home Depot credit card.

Home Depot Credit Card new account promotion

Can You Save with the Home Depot Credit Card?

You’ll save right off the bat with a one-time new account discount of $25 off $25+, $50 off $300+, or $100 off $1,000+ on qualifying purchases. Long term, you’ll always get 6 months of special financing on $299+ orders, which comes in handy for home renovation projects or higher-priced items like refrigerators, bathtubs, and outdoor grills. Just be sure to pay off the balance within 6 months, otherwise, the 17.99%–26.99% APR kicks in and you’ll be paying back interest starting from the purchase date. 

When Should You Get the Home Depot Credit Card?

The Home Depot Credit Card is best for large purchases you can pay back within 6 months. It’ll come in handy for buying appliances for a new house, renovating an older house, or upgrading your patio and landscaping. If you don’t already have the card, you’ll be able to use the one-time discount of up to $100 off qualifying purchases.

When Should You Avoid Getting the Home Depot Credit Card?

Definitely avoid using the Home Depot Credit Card on large purchases you won’t be able to pay off in 6 months. Not only will you begin paying a high APR of 17.99%–26.99%, you’ll also get hit with deferred interest charges starting from your purchase date. That could be costly. If you can’t pay your balance in full within 6 months, you’re much better off using a credit card with a lower APR or better rewards. 

Is a Home Depot Credit Card Worth It?

It depends. If you plan on making big purchases and paying them off within 6 months, then the Home Depot credit card can come in handy—especially if you use your new account discount. But if you’re unable to pay off your balance within 6 months, you’ll get hit with a high APR and deferred interest charges. 

What is the Home Depot Project Loan Card?

For major renovation projects, you might consider getting The Home Depot Project Loan card (subject to approval). It provides you with a loan of up to $55,000 and six months to purchase all the project supplies you need. It has no annual fees or down payments, and it offers fixed low monthly payments.

How to Contact Home Depot Customer Service

  • Text 38689 to chat with a customer service representative
  • General questions: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)
  • Major Appliances Support: 1-800-455-3869
  • Online Order Support: 1-800-430-3376
  • Consumer Credit Card: 1-800-677-0232

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