Save Hundreds with Home Depot Tool Rentals

By: Carolyn Fitchard

Woman sanding a piece of wood

Whether you’re on a spring cleaning kick or thinking about an all-out kitchen rehab, don’t let the lack of tools hold you back from your DIY dreams. Home Depot rents out a huge inventory of tools so you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost of buying the tools. (And bonus, you don’t have to store them either.)

Follow Groupon Coupons’ guide to using the Tool Rental Center for DIY projects, and be sure to check out Home Depot coupons and Home Depot Savings Guide for more ways to save.   

How to Rent Tools From Home Depot

  • Visit the Home Depot Tool Rental Center online or any day of the week during normal store hours. 
  • Tool rentals are on a first come, first serve basis and reservations are not allowed (but you can check online and call ahead about availability). 
  • You’ll need to be at least 18 years of age and bring the following: a government-issued form of ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID card, or Mexican CID) and a credit card in your name for the deposit.
  • Prices vary depending on store location, and all tools have optional Damage Protection for an additional fee (15% of the rental price). Damage Protection ensures you’re not responsible for repair costs if the tool breaks down due to normal use. 
  • Choose from 4-hour, daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. 
  • Check out more details here.

Home Depot also has truck, trailer, and dolly rentals to help you get your materials home.


When You Want a Carpet Cleaner Rental

Carpets can attract loads of dirt, dust, and allergens, so a deep cleaning is needed from time to time. While the national average for a carpet cleaning service is $200, we found you could save yourself at least $100 by renting a carpet cleaner, carpet detailer, and carpet blower from Home Depot.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rental

Rug Doctor Pro Carpet Cleaner

Comes with a vibrating brush and powerful motor to tackle most rooms in 20 minutes.

Rental Cost: ~$37/day

Carpet spot cleaner & detailer rental

Karcher Spot Carpet Cleaner & Detailer

Carpeted stairs and stubborn upholstery stains are no problem with this detailer rental.

Rental Cost: ~$25/day

Small carpet blower rental

Compact Carpet Blower

This compact blower speed-dries carpets in all directions at once so you can go back to walking on them sooner.

Rental Cost: ~$9/day


When You Want a Tidy Yard: Rent Lawn Tools 

A seasonal clean-up service for your yard can be pricey, with the national average coming in at about $500. But you can cut down costs by at least $350 by renting a leaf blower, pressure washer, and chainsaw from Home Depot and doing it yourself.

Leaf blower rental

Makita Backpack Blower
Padded backpack straps provide extra comfort while you clear away leaves, grass clippings, and debris.

Rental Cost: ~$46/day

Pressure washer rental

Electric Pressure Washer

Decks, fences, and patio furniture all come out squeaky clean after a blast from a pressure washer.

Rental Cost: ~$41/day

Chainsaw rental

Cordless Chainsaw

Make quick work of pruning shrubs and trimming branches with a chainsaw rental.

Rental Cost: ~$49/day

Check out more tips for tidying your yard year-round.


When You Want to Refinish Hardwood Floors: Rent Power Tools

The national average to refinish hardwood floors is $1,600, but if you don’t mind putting in the time and elbow grease, you can get floors sanded and buffed for at least $1,400 less.

Floor sander rental

Floor Sander
Work with or against the wood grain, and the built-in high efficiency dust collection system minimizes mess.

Rental Cost: ~$69/day

Floor edger rental

Floor Edger

Sand down hard-to-reach areas, such as corners or closet floors, with a floor edger rental.

Rental Cost:

Floor polisher rental

Floor Polisher

Smooth out uneven surfaces and buff away scratches with a floor polisher rental.

Rental Cost:

Get more tips for refinishing hardwood floors from Home Depot.