How to Get Lowe's Military Discount

By: Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Lowe's Military DiscountAs a thank you for their service, Lowe’s offers current and former members of the US armed forces (and their spouses) 10% off nearly all full-priced items. Registering for this discount is easy, and it can be used at any time. Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to register and use Lowe’s military discount

How Much is Lowe’s Military Discount?

Lowe’s Military Discount is 10% off most full-priced items. (There are some exclusions—see below for more on that.)  

Who Qualifies for Lowe’s Military Discount?

  • Those currently serving in the US armed forces
  • US armed forces veterans
  • Those enrolled in the Military Discount Program
  • Or a current spouse of any of the above (Spouses will need to register separately to use the discount.) 

What is Excluded From Lowe’s Military Discount?

The military discount at Lowe’s cannot be used with any other offer, coupon, or discount—it must be a full-priced item. This includes using Lowe’s Price Promise (aka their price match), buying in bulk, and Lowe’s credit card 5% off everyday discount. It also cannot be used on gift cards, product installations, assembly, shipping, and taxes or fees. 

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How to Sign Up for Lowe’s Military Discount

You can enroll for your discount here. Click “Verify with'' and follow the prompts. You will need to create or log in to an existing personal account and a account to complete registration. You’ll need to provide a primary address and verification of your military status—this can be a USAA membership, military service records, a .mil email address, or military documentation. 

How to Use Lowe’s Military Discount 

Once your military status has been verified, you will be free to use your discount both in stores and online:

  • To use your Lowe’s military discount online, all you need to do is log into your MyLowe’s account on and the 10% discount will automatically be applied to eligible items as you check out—simple as that.
  • To use your Lowe’s military discount in stores, as you’re checking out, give your cashier either your phone number or your MyLowe’s card and a valid photo ID. (Driver’s license, state or federal issued ID card, Department of Defence ID card, passport, or passport card are all acceptable.) If a spouse of a service member is using the discount, the last name on their photo ID must match the service member’s last name. 

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