Target Savings Hack: Save 10% at the Annual Gift Card Sale

Dec 28, 2021

Target gift cards

Once a year, Target rains red cash down upon us in the form of its Annual Gift Card Sale. The discount isn’t huge—it’s 10%—but it is the only time you can buy a discounted gift card from Target. And the best part is you can layer on the savings by combining your discount gift card with other amazing discounts and promo codes on the Groupon Coupons Target page to really feel like you’ve won the savings lottery. 

Earn 10% Off at The Annual Target Gift Card Sale

During the Target Gift Card Sale this weekend (Dec. 4 and 5, 2021), you can purchase up to $500 worth of gift cards and save up to $50, or 10%, off! It’s seriously that simple. All you have to do is be a Target Circle member and shop in store or online. Each Target Circle account is allowed to use the coupon only once, though you can buy multiple gift cards in that single transaction.

SAVINGS TIP: You have to be a Target Circle member to activate this deal. No worries, the membership is entirely free. On the brand’s website or app, you’ll have to activate this deal before purchasing to see the money off in your cart. You can also make this purchase in-store.


Gift Card Sale Policy

In a nutshell, during the Gift Card sale, you can buy Target GiftCards worth up to $500 in Target GiftCards ($50 maximum discount) per Target Circle account. You have to be a member of Target’s free loyalty program and the discount can be used only once, though you can spread the balance out to multiple gift cards. 

When Is The Gift Card Sale at Target

Target keeps the exact date hush-hush until the time is right. And that time is now! This year, the sale will last two days: Dec. 4 and 5. Click here for all the details. Remember, you have to be a Target Circle member to get this awesome deal! This is the second year the gift card sale was available for two days instead of the typical one. 


What gift cards are not included in this sale: 

  • Target Visa Gift Cards
  • Target Mastercard Gift Cards 
  • Target American Express Gift Cards 
  • Gift cards issued by other retailers such as dining, lifestyle, and entertaining gift cards

Other Ways to Save During the Gift Card Sale Event

Let’s crank these savings all the way up. 

  • If you want to maximize the value of this deal, consider purchasing your discounted gift cards with a Chase Freedom Flex card via PayPal at checkout. You can earn 5 points per dollar spent.
  • If you have a premium Ultimate Rewards card, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, you could earn a total of $95 in savings/earnings on the $500 card purchase.
  • Use the Discover Cash Back, which currently offers 5% cashback for purchases on up to $1,500 in purchases.

These deals are subject to change.


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