All the Verizon Wireless Discounts We Could Find

By: Mary Elizabeth Hammond

All the Verizon Wireless Discounts We Could FindWant a cheaper cell phone bill? Verizon Wireless has a lot of discounted plans and opportunities to save, you just need to know where to look. And luckily, the Groupon Coupons team has made that part easy by putting together a list of all the Verizon Wireless discounts we could find. Read on to get your savings.  

Note: Most Verizon Wireless discounts use or UNiDAYS to register, but they also provide an explainer for registering for most of their discounts here.

Verizon Wireless Teachers Discount

Currently, employed teachers and their families can get a discount on their Verizon plans, and the deal gets sweeter the more lines you have:

  • 1 line for $60
  • 2 lines for $47.50
  • 3 lines for $36.33
  • 4 lines for $30 

The prices above are for unlimited text, talk, and data, but there are additional packages with unlimited streaming, music, and entertainment. (See all the options here.) 

To qualify, you must be currently employed as a K-12 teacher or post-secondary instructor. Verizon also requires that you confirm your employment through and you will need to revalidate that each year you use the discount.

Verizon Wireless Student Discount

Students can get $10 off one line a month or $25 off two lines a month on Verizon. All you need to do is verify that you are an active student through UNiDAYS. To qualify, you must be actively enrolled in a secondary educational institution in the US (i.e. undergrad, grad, or vocational trade school). 

Verizon Wireless Military Discount 

Active military members or veterans of the US armed forces can get a discounted plan from Verizon for themselves and their family. The pricing is the same as the teacher discount (see above) with one line starting at $60 and the discount getting deeper with each line that you add. This discount can also get you up to 15% off other select plans and 25% off select accessories. To register for this discount, head over to to verify your military status. Once you’ve verified (you’ll receive an email letting you know), you can access your discount from the Verizon store page. Family members and spouses cannot register for the discount but can be added to the discounted plan. (The one exception is Gold Star Families, who’s spouses and next of kin can register.) 

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Verizon Wireless First Responders Discount

First responders (aka firefights, police, EMS workers, retirees, volunteers, and immediate family members of those fallen in the line of duty) can get a similar discount to teachers and military members (one line starting at $60, two for $47.40, three for $36.66, and four for $30, not including taxes and fees and 25% off select accessories). To claim this discount, verify your status as a first responder on and once you’ve received email confirmation that that is all taken care of, you can use your discount on Verizon’s site. 

Verizon Wireless Nurses Discount

The Verizon Wireless Nurse Discount is similar to the first responders, teachers, and military discount with one line starting at $60 and the best price being four lines for $30 each. Nurses must verify their status on as well and must be currently employed as a nurse. Verizon will send you a reminder to re-verify your employment status each year that you are using the discount. 

Verizon Wireless Senior Discount

The Verizon Wireless plan for seniors (ages 55 and up) offers unlimited 4G LTE data and starts at one line for $60 or two lines for $80 (plus taxes and fees). Verify your age and register for this discount here

Verizon Wireless Monthly Auto Pay Discount

Signing up for Verizon’s Auto Pay and paper-free billing can get you $5 or $10 off (depending on the plan). There are some restrictions, though: you have to use a debit card, a bank account, or Verizon Visa Card as your automatic payment method, and you need to have an eligible plan to get the discount. (All plans can have Auto Pay but not all get the discount.) Here are the eligible accounts:

$10 a month discount plans:

  • JustKids
  • Start Unlimited
  • Play More Unlimited
  • Do More Unlimited
  • Get More Unlimited

$5 a month discount plans:

  • Above Unlimited
  • Beyond Unlimited
  • Go Unlimited
  • 5 GB Single Phone Plan

You can set up your Auto Pay in the My Verizon app or on your My Verizon page. Either way, just click “Set Up Auto Pay” and follow the prompts. 

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