Where in the checkout process do you enter the voucher information?

Also, I’m a USAA member, can I use my voucher and my 25% discount?

Frankie N.

No chance to get delivery tomorrow from this purchase, is there?

A. D.

For those looking to redeem this immediately, please be aware that the offer cannot be used until the next day (most likely, due to a processing time of 1 business day). I went ahead and purchased it anyway, hoping that it won’t lessen the chance of making a Valentine’s delivery, since it’s a great deal.

Here’s the full text description received when printing this Groupon:

“A note before you print… Below is important information about printing your Groupon
This Groupon won’t be usable until tomorrow.

You can go ahead and print now, just don’t try to use it, because it won’t work!

Got it – I won’t use my Groupon until tomorrow"

Note, it requires you to check the checkbox (in the last line, above) before the print function is enabled.

Marina S.

Can the Groupon amount be used to cover shipping costs?

Kam D.

Is there a delivery fee for these, and if so how much would that be?

Elric B.

The delivery fee for just a dozen roses for Monday is $19. Please keep that in mind

Kam D.

How about after Valentine’s Day, how much?

It seems like the FTD website has lower “Anniversary Sale” prices for non-Groupon purchases. many of the popular items are $10 off, but this is not the case when I access the website through the Groupon link. it seems to me like my purchase through Groupon is being devalued. I would appreciate some guidance as to how I can use my Groupon and benefit from the FTD anniversary sale, as I did not read in the find print that Groupon users would be excluded from sale prices for the exact items—in my many previous purchases through Groupon this has not been the case.

As an example, the FTD® Precious Heart™ Bouquet starts off as $39.99 on the regular website and $49.99 if accessed through the Groupon link.

Shailesh R.

I think this is a huge ripoff… the $20 you save will be charged as service fees!!

I experienced the same thing as you Carolina. Using the Group On link made my entertainment card discount disappear. The listing called it a credit, so I figured it would be off the discounted price. If it’s not off the discounted price, the Groupon is basically worthless. I’ve emailed Groupon to ask for a refund.

I think I will have to do the same. So disappointing. Thanks Josh.

Hey all,

First, ignore the box that says you can use today, you can!

Next, as long as you purchase the on or before Valentine’s Day option, and purchase before 2/14, you can get the order for V-Day.

Additionally, here is some answers to FAQs straight from FTD:

Service fee:
FTD’s service fees are in line with fees charged by other floral providers and this is a standard practice in the floral industry. The service fees for Groupon customers are the same as for other FTD customers.

Discounts not available at Groupon:
As is standard practice in the floral industry as well as other industries, it is commercially impractical to allow multiple discounts or combining of discounts with special offers such as Groupon’s. A benefit of the Groupon redemption bonus is that it is available on ALL products on www.ftd.com/groupon. Your $20 redemption bonus will be deducted from your total in the checkout at www.ftd.com/groupon.

Product availability:
FTD florist fulfilled items are available for delivery everyday throughout the year within the coverage of our nationwide floral network. FTD’s direct shipped products are available for delivery Feb. 10th – 12th and on Feb. 14th. FTD direct ship products, which are delivered by FedEx and UPS, are not available for delivery on Sunday, Feb. 13th due to standard rules of our national overnight shipping couriers.

Thanks for your discussion. We appreciate the feedback.

Rhonda C.

This is a rip off! It actually only amounts to a $5 savings because the groupon prices are higher. VERY MISLEADING!


This is a rip off your better off using the USAA discount without this coupon. They raise the prices and service fees. In reality, your only saving about 5 dollars. What a RIPOFF!!!!!


I just cancelled this “DEAL” everything is much more expensive. I totally agree with Jordan23. DO NOT BUY!!

Chris H.

I have 2 suggestions for ALL:

1. Read the comments before you buy (I didn’t…my big mistake)
2. I bought this one and yes, the SERVICE FEES ARE A RIP-OFF…….ANNND…..if you try to bypass the special Groupon part of the FTD site…you will get a cheaper price on service fees, but you can’t enter your Groupon code. They force you to go to the special Groupon part of the site, where everything is more expensive.

Service fees to my house ON Valentine’s day using the Groupon page: $18.99. NOT using the Groupon page: $14.99.

Going to 1800Flowers.com, same prices bouquet, service fee to my house ON Valentine’s day: $4.99

This was my bad…don’t make it yours.

Chris H.

This is also just not true:

“Service fee:
FTD’s service fees are in line with fees charged by other floral providers and this is a standard practice in the floral industry. The service fees for Groupon customers are the same as for other FTD customers.”

I just ran though the steps to try to purchase the exact same bouquet in the same vase and came up w/ 2 different Service fees to the same address on the same day…the Groupon rate was higher.

Thanks for the comments on here, folks! Really helpful, because I was considering buying several Groupons and using the flowers at an event. I would’ve been totally ripped off.

jordan c.

This was my first Groupon purchase and I regret buying it.

Two different service charges based on whether or not you bought a coupon?


Chris H.

Ok…Groupon instantly renewed my confidence in them. (No, I don’t work for them…)

I called and complained about this Groupon (this was my first one ever too) and within about 10 seconds the representative had canceled the Groupon and refunded back to my Credit Card. Awesome.

Thanks…and I will keep looking now. :)


Whoa, glad I held off on purchasing this one. Thanks for the heads up regarding the higher service fees on Groupon purchases.

R W.

I am on the phone with FTD confirming my order and delivery date and was told they would not be delivered on valentines day as was on the reciept but rather the day after valentines day.

When i spoke to the representative, she insisted that while my receipt indicated that the the delivery would occur on valentines day 2/14, the delivery would actually occur one day later on 2/15. After waiting on hold for a few moments waiting for a manager he told me that the flowers would arrive on the date promised valentines day 2/14.

Now i do not know if the flowers will arrive on time or not. I will be requesting a full refund from FTD and Groupon if they are late.

You may wish to call FTD 800-592-3899 to confirm the delivery date you have requested.

Eric S.

Shame on FTD. This is completely disingenuous on their behalf and I will think twice before ever using their services again.

I have requested a full refund from Groupon.

Ben A.

Okay so I bought two of these and first of all I did not use the groupon specific site. I found that the delivery charge was the same regardless. Yes the discounted items are not on the ftd.com/groupon page but as a business owner would you already sell something on discount to someone with a 50% off coupon. We should all know better than that. The 18.99 delivery charge is there regardless which page you use. I thought it was an okay deal and I know a local floral shop in town will benefit. The only warning I would give someone is call your local floral shop first and see if you could get item:

Art of Love Val Rose Bqt

Delivered locally for less than $58.98 out the door tax included. If so, then you might not want to buy this groupon. I’ve bought a lot of flowers and Valentines day is when all flowers are more expensive. Yes I know it sucks, but it’s Vday and if you want to surprise your loved ones you gotta fork out the bucks. Hope that helps.

Eli B.

Just called and got a refund. Groupon kept my business, FTD…lost it.

Charging more for Groupon customers is just disingenuous. “Floral industry” norms be damned.

Jennifer M.

I actually bought this to use for a family member who lost a loved one. I was able to purchase beautiful flowers for 39.95 and only had to pay the 15.99 service fee with local delivery the next day. For me this worked great. Hum… It appears I may be the only one who posted a positive. I can see why people are upset, it does appear that by directing groupon buyers to a specific site is not cool, especially when you looked at the main site before maybe buying this thinking you would get the same price. I LOVE Groupon and will continue to explore great savings. Valentines Day should NOT be this stressful. Besides, I think most woman prefer jewelry. I know I do!

Cindy B.

I have had many, many positive GROUPON experiences - but this one is a bad one….can’t get the FTD site to accept my Groupon code, and the person at FTD says I have to call Groupon -- and their customer service is closed (it was only 3:20 Seattle time!).
I really wish that I could get a refund on this one - the delivery fees are crazy-high in my opinion, and the fact that they’re charging a higher price for Groupon users is wacky as well.
I hope Groupon will let me cancel this one -
- maybe tomorrow when they open??

I think this is lame to promote this Groupon as a Valentines Day special when in fact it can’t be used for valentines day floral deliveries. Kindof defeats the purpose don’t you think??

Matthew N.

Extremely not happy. Went through with the purchase and ended up getting railroaded into a bouquet I didn’t want b/c the two color roses couldn’t be delivered til after V-day. Fine, I’ll get the $40 bouquet of standard roses. I’ll use my groupon and it will be all good. Get to checkout and they want $19 more to deliver on Monday. WTF? My groupon saves me shipping? Really awful. $40 gone and I could’ve easily gotten a much better arrangement from Pike Place Market.

Please Do Not Buy This!

I also agree with all the other “unhappy” Groupon customers. FTD is a total scam artist. (Shame on you FTD!!!)
You cannot use the Groupon ‘pre-purchase’ item with any other discount and FTD normally sells their stuff for a 20-30% discount online (like via CouponCabin, etc.. just google FTD promos).
In addition to their standard prices being higher for groupon customers.. I have a problem with..
- FTD hits you with a hidden $18 service fee. So that is $20 savings – $18 fee = $2 savings – higher prices.. YOU LOOSE!!
FTD shows flowers in 18 or 24 pieces with prices for 12 pieces, so you are misled into thinking you are getting an amazing deal for a price.. until you click further and find that is not the case. NICE BAIT & SWITCH tactic FTD.

I am disappinted that GroupOn does not have a higher standard for their busienss partners. Their bullshit with the superbowl ads and now this.. hmm. thinking I need to start surveying my options.. as there are other choices GroupOn… Please learn!

Yes, I will be requesting my money back also!! Rather get a dozen roses from ProFlowers for $19.. vs the $40 + from FTD.

Is there a reason why my post above is lined out? GroupOn.. do you have pre-filters for issues you anticipate from your customers.. can you say “premeditated?”

i have also purchased two of the FTD coupon.. i have have second though about this.. next time i will definitely check it out before buying it.. such a ripped off. any luck with getting a refund from groupon?

Danielle R.

Ugh, just went to order my flowers and noticed the same things you guys did. This sucks so bad.

Unlike others, I’m not as turned off by the prices and service fees. I am frustrated, however, by the horrible customer service of FTD. They don’t respond when promised, and their call center is by far the most horrible I have ever encountered. I am seriously regretting this purchase. ProFlowers from now on.

  • DO NOT BUY *

This deal is freakin horrible!! The $20 off will basically get you just delivery and service charge.

The products on their site is very expensive and you can find MUCH better deals elsewhere online!!!

Eric S.

To charge high service fees is one thing, we should all be doing due diligence anyways before buying – but to purposely charge Groupon users more is completely reprehensible.

Kam D.

how much is the delivery and service fee after Valentine’s Day?

I got a full refund from Groupon with no questions asked. All I did was contact them via their link at the bottom of their web page. This is the first bad deal I’ve bought from them but their willingness to refund my money and make it right has totally restored my faith in them.

Cindy B.

I talked with a very pleasant person at Groupon support today, & they refunded both of the FTD groupons I had purchased. A HUGE thank-you - I was so relieved, because I am a big Groupon supporter.

I did ask her why a line had been drawn through parts of the comments from “Phillip H” and me. ’Twas a mystery to her as well, & I hope that they find out the reason behind that…Groupon grafitti-ing ghosts?

A. D.

I also was able to have Groupon refund both of my FTD coupons, via the “Contact Us” link. While this will dissuade me from EVER purchasing from FTD again, my confidence in Groupon’s excellent customer service has been maintained.

A big THANK YOU to Groupon and team for the support they provide to their customers! Kudos to everyone here for sharing their concerns and experiences!

Mike M.

I got the email this morning about how the issues with this Groupon had been fixed. But the problem is still there – now, when you visit the FTD site via the Groupon link, many of their deals simply aren’t there. I visited the site directly, added an item to my cart, and then found there was no place to enter my Groupon code. So I then went BACK to the site through the Groupon link, and suddenly the item in my card was full-price, instead of the original marked-down price from their normal site. This is cheap. Instead of having a special, more expensive Groupon section on their site, the entire FTD site now simply does not display most deals to Groupon customers. It’s worse than before.


Totally agree with those that feel totally ripped off. My $20 Groupon savings was evaporated by FTD’s “service fee”. Lame. Way cheaper and more personal to call a florist near where you want your flowers to go. Lesson learned. NEVER going to use FTD again.

Ron H.

I got the email a few minutes after I clicked the purchase button :(

Why do returns take 5-7 business days for a refund when online purchase transactions are authorized within hours?

Totally unacceptable on FTD’s part, the service charge on valentines day should be expected. (What flower company wouldn’t bump up their charges).

Worst purchase I’ve ever made online. But I’ll still be using Groupon.

This deal is making Groupon look bad. FTD is so difficult to deal with and the pricing information was misleading. Would’ve been better off using a coupon or a different service altogether. Groupon had better get it in gear and quality control their offerings or they will be destroyed by affiliating with duplicit merchants like FTD. Hidden costs, different costs for the Groupon choices, and now our order was cancelled by FTD. The selection they have left at this late date is now completely empty of flowers below the $300 point. PLUS they can’t find our order number so the money we paid is currently in FTD limbo. We are waiting for FTD to call back. Sure hope they do. Thanks Groupon! We will be more reserved in recommending or even using this service now.

It would be great if Groupon refunded the loyal customers who are being taken by FTD.

Kevin T.

I Love Groupon and FTD is definetely not the right merchant for them. The discount basically takes care of the Service Fee or Shipping Fee. Not a terrible deal but not one I would purchase in the future.

R W.

WOW FTD Sucks why is Groupon working with this shoddy operation with shoddy cutomer service. After placing my Valentines day order 5 days in advance I recieved AND Calling FTD to confirm the order AND getting an Autamoted order confirmation AND getting a manual confirmation from Customer Service 5 days in advance

I received an email from yesterday FTD telling me that my order would NOT be delivered on valentines day.

A florist that cannot deliver on Valentines day after multiple confirmations that it could?

This is an incredible pain in the butt to now be looking for flowers ON valentines day. I will expect my credit card refunded by both FTD and GROUPON and GROUPON to pay the difference between what I bought at FTD and what I need to pay to buy Flowers on valentines day.

scott s.

unbelievable disappointment. ordered flowers on 2/10 for delivery on 2/12. not only did they never arrive, but FTD never notified me. I called today, (first 4 times were a busy signal for customer service), waited for 15 minutes until i spoke with someone who indicated, “there is no florist in that area for delivery.” wow, that is down right sad. don’t even know what to say to that other than wonder why they are still in business with such an utter lack of service all around. add to that their inexplicable and unavoidable $20 ‘service fee’ and the disappointment continues. never recommended.


Horrible service, not only did the flowers not get delivered but I can not get ahold of any customer service rep?! What’s the deal!

Russ S.

I am a retail florist and President of a Independent Florists’ Association. I can assure you that it is not a normal practice for a retail flower shop who sells, designs and delivers flowers out of their own building to charge a service fee to take an order from a customer. The fee companies who are considered Order Gatherers charge that is upwards to $19.95 is a fee that is used by them to take the order from you and is considered a convenience fee and is not passed on with your order. I have often wondered why a consumer would agree to such a fee when they can call a local flower shop in the town they want the order delivered and not have to pay anything except the cost of flowers and a delivery charge.

The floral industry has been plagued with companies who just want to be the middle man between the customer and the florist. There are huge rewards to be gained for them to serve in this function. You will always save money by doing your own research and placing the order with the florist yourself no matter what discount they offer you to hook you in.

Cameron V.

I was in the same place where a lot of these complaints were stemming from (I was frustrated at paying a raised price, difficult customer service contact initially and late delivery on Valentines (after 5pm)), but I wanted to come on to post that FTD did come back and both apologize to me personally and make amends for their blunder in full. I appreciate the way they handled the mistake and want to extend a little grace to them. While disappointed with the moment I do appreciate their response and feel they’re trying very hard to make amends.

Russ S.

So Cameron, do you not fee that the service they charge is an outrageous fee to charge for them to take the order from you? I could offer you $20 discounts all day long if I charged you $19.95 to take the order in the first place.

Damon L.

This is such an awful deal. Groupon, this is clearly FTD’s rules that you are following… but it is your brand that is being dragged down. You should have stepped up for your customers.

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