Jason T.

Present your Groupon after you have negotiated your best deal on a new or used Cadillac, GMC, or Buick for an extra $500 off. Valid for a purchase or a lease.

Chris H.

People will be skeptical to buy something like this for good reason. You already have to haggle the price down on a car, and if this specific dealership doesn’t budge enough, then you’re stuck with a $200 Groupon. This is not to mention that dealerships have the right to rescind an offer they gave you if you tell them “oh yeah, I also have a Groupon” This deal will not likely hit, too much grey area.


Hi all. My name is Robert Milner. I am the General Sales Manager of the LaFontaine Cadillac, Buick, GMC complex in Highland. I understand the skepticism that many will have regarding this offer. This business is like any other business. There are those that do it the right way and those that don’t! WE DO!! I won’t employee anyone who doesn’t. We were the #1 Buick GMC dealer in the country in June and cannot do that kind of volume if we’re not doing things the right way. I assure you that if you have any intention of purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle before the end of the calendar year that this offer will save you $300.00 on that purchase/lease.
Please consider this offer. Visit this state of the art facility. Test drive the tremendous products that GM is building these days. You will be treated professionally and respectfully by helpful, knowledgable people. When you feel comfortable that you have recieved the best deal, present this voucher and we’ll reduce your “out the door” or “due at delivery” by another $500.00. it’s that simple and it’s real.
You have my name. Use it when you visit. I’d love to meet you.

Thank you,

Robert Milner
General Sales Manager
LaFontaine Automotive Group


In the unlikely event that we are unable to come to an agreement on a vehicle purchase/lease, for whatever reason, I will honor your voucher toward $199.00 in our service, parts or body shop departments. Purchase accessories, have routine maintenance done or have those annoying dings, dents and scratches repaired. My commitment to you!

Robert Milner.

Ellen S.
So let’s say a customer shows up wanting to buy a car, no let’s say they rush in with thier groupon in hand. The customer has already tipped thier hat they will buy from this store and that they have already invested money. In doing so, they loose any negociating power they have. Run away! GO straight to the dealer and I bet he will give you a $500 discount ! As a matter of fact take it to any dealer in the area and I bet he would honor the so call discount and you can keep your dollars safe in your pocket until you’re ready to buy. Not a good groupon : (
Jason T.

Ellen S, thanks for the comment. A person with this Groupon doesn’t have to and shouldn’t present the Groupon or even mention they have it until after they negotiate the deal they want. At that point they can present it to their sales person for an additional $500 off.

Jason T.

If a credit approval or an agreement on a vehicle cannot be reached, contact Groupon for a full refund. No worries. No risk.

william p.

Just bought a new Caddy with this coupon.

Great deal. They used it same as cash off the best deal I negotiated with LaFontaine.

Bill P
Bloomfield Village, MI

@ David F., Your spamming is wildly unethical, even by car salesman standards.

Chris H.

Groupon team, you may want to look into william p.‘s account. He says he used this Groupon, however the deal hasn’t even struck yet. Possibly a fake dealership account to make the deal seem worth it?

Chad at Groupon

Hi David F.

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Thanks for your adherence.

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William P visited our store yesterday. He selected and test drove the vehicle he was interested in. He worked out all of the pricing details with our sales staff until he was satisfied with the pricing. He THEN AND ONLY THEN explained he had purchased the Groupon voucher but needed a vehicle immediately. We reduced his amount due by $500.00 and honored the voucher in order to accomodate a customer. He took delivery today. We’re still confident that the sales requirement will be met.

David F.

How so Jennifer K. I’m just pointing out that this is really no special deal and I’m welcoming the opportunity to prove it…isn’t the whole point to save money? How is that bad?

Chad at Groupon

Hi David & J

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peter n.

william p just proves that we cannot trust this dealership, as a matter of fact, all car dealerships. How can you use the deal when it’s not done yet?
Or groupon is selling the coupon that should not be bought in the first place? Maybe just negotiate directly with the dealer and save $199.

Lindsay B.

I think its a wonderful idea!

A customer comes in with an idea to purchase, they know what they can spend, they negotiate on the price, and when they are happy with the bottom line then the customer can simply hand over this groupon. Bam another $500 off! way to go, We had this same idea less than a month ago!!!

for the record, dealerships are the best way to go, there is no small shops that have factory trained techs with 1000’s and 1000’s of hours on continued training!


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