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How much does the average american spend on drinks every year? Literally thousands



Pop quiz: How much does the average American spend on coffee every year? If you guessed 1,200 fat stacks (... er, stacks of $1 each), you nailed it. Groupon Coupons & The Chicago Tribune teamed up to figure out exactly how much we spend every year on small comforts. The answers made us glad we're in the coupons business.


For example, if nabbing a $10 salad is part of your weekday routine, that adds up to over $2,500 per year — and that's just for lunch. That’s no chump change.


If you’ve ever wondered how much you’re actually spending annually on daily activities like workout classes, drinks with a friend or an afternoon of shopping, we wrangled the numbers and dressed them up in this fancy infographic. You'll see exactly how much you're spending, but more importantly, we show you how to save.




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