Special Deal FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

I can’t purchase the deal I clicked on. Why is that?

Currently this deal is offered by invitation only. Only valid recipients of the Groupon email are permitted to purchase.

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Why is this deal invite-only?

Groupon runs special promotions throughout the year for various subscribers. Have no fear - we're all about rewarding our customers, so be on the lookout for your own exclusive offer in the future.

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I received the Groupon email but I still can't purchase the deal. What's with that?

If you have two different email addresses, make sure you're logged in under the same email account that the offer was sent to. If you're logged in under the correct email address and you're still having trouble, please drop us a line and we'll work to sort it out.

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I missed my window and now the deal is closed. Can I still purchase it?

The deal you received is only available for a 24 hour period. Once a deal has closed, you can no longer buy it.

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Do I need to be logged in to my Groupon account to purchase the deal?

Nope. You just need to confirm your email address; it will automatically populate in the email field on the purchase page. If you attempt to enter a different email address, you won't be able to purchase the deal.

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How can I share this deal?

Unlike most of our deals, this one is exclusive and can't be shared. Please remember that this deal is a special offer - in general, we love it when you spread the good word about our great deals.

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I have another question.

If you have additional questions, you may be interested in this Deal FAQ or contact us and we'll do our best to answer it.

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