Groupon Presents April Fools™

April Fools™, and Hello.

Here at Groupon, we’ve gone above and beyond to foster a level of customer trust wholly unprecedented in the world of online commerce. From our transparent presentation of every deal to our liberal refund policy to our highly accessible customer support staff—Groupon’s mission is to treat our customers with honesty and respect, and to never, ever fool them.

Andrew Mason

Now, in 2011, all of that is about to change…in a great way. We are thrilled to introduce the result of our latest corporate acquisition, Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™.

For centuries, the intellectual trademark ownership of April Fools’ Day™ has been uncertain. That’s why Groupon is proud to announce that everyone's favorite day of daffiness finally has a new owner—Groupon! The brand-new Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ is the same lighthearted holiday as before, only now, Groupon is the only legal source for April-based hoaxes as outlined in our pending trademark application. Now, when you think of Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ (the holiday’s new, official title), you’ll think of Groupon—because you and your favorite corporate entities are barred from creating or participating in any April 1 prank without the express written consent of Groupon.

Groupon Presents April Fools™, everyone. Things are about to get surprising!

Why did Groupon purchase all rights to April Fools’ Day™?

Here at Groupon, the premier marketplace for great daily deals in your city, we know a great deal when we see it. We’ve watched April Fools’ Day™ closely over the years, marveling at its evolution from humble 12th-century Pagan ritual to full-fledged online phenomenon. Finally, these two global brands are prepared to form the ultimate partnership—by fully licensing and legally trademarking Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™, we officially welcome it under the Groupon banner, so that we may act as the exclusive platform for its future expansion as well as the preeminent Fooling destination of generations of pranksters to come.

How does this benefit Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ fans and consumers?

Handshake Image Groupon’s acquisition of the previously unprofitable April Fools’ Day™ gives consumers more choices and better options. Instead of wasting time and money creating your own Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ pranks, you’re now able to purchase humorous, focus-group approved pranks directly from the lawful owner of April Fools’ Day™, Groupon. You’ll never again be confused by other corporations’ April 1 pranks, since Groupon will be taking friendly, but swift, but hostile, legal actions against any nonlicensed April Fools’ Day™ joke.

Is this legal? Can a company really purchase a holiday?

Santa ImageActually, there is a rich history of successful companies associating themselves with highly visible holiday brands—from Coca-Cola’s redesign of Santa Claus in 1931 to Hallmark’s frequent partnerships with such hot start-up holidays as Sweetest Day and National Wake Up in a Coffin Day.

What is this year’s Official Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ Joke?

Ready to laugh? Good, because as the Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ trademark holder, Groupon is ready to bring the funny with a prank so silly you’ll never believe it even for a second! Check out this year’s official Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ joke here, and don’t forget to trick your friends with this hilarious prank!

What is this year’s Official Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ Joke?

Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ is just the first of a new wave of acquisitions. In addition to Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™, stay tuned for the following new ventures!

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