Frequently Asked Questions: B12 Injections

1. What are the benefits?
Injections can reduce the symptoms associated with B12 deficiency, which include lethargy, weakness, and dizziness. Because they boost energy and metabolism, the shots may also help patients shed unwanted pounds.

2. Who’s a good candidate? 
Anyone who suffers from exhaustion, sleep issues, depression, poor memory, or who have chronic illness or neurological symptoms is an excellent candidate for B12 injections.

3. Who’s not a good candidate?
Any one who has kidney or liver failure, Lebar's disease or is pregnant or nursing is not eligible for B12 shots at The B-12 Store and should consult their physician.

4. What’s the recovery time? 
There is never any down time with these injections, please remove typically, We use pediatric insulin needles, to avoid any unwanted discomfort.

5. Are there any side effects? 
B12 is non toxic at any dosage and does not have any negative side effects. Injections are all we do. We specialize in offering as pain free an injection as possible. Rarely a client will have itching, redness or occasional bruising at the site of injection.