Studio Policies

  1. No cell phones, pages, shoes, gum, bags, or extra clothes in the yoga room. Leave them in the locker rooms or give them to the desk person.

  2. No glass bottles.

  3. Please keep body and feet clean when attending class.

  4. All students must use a mat and towel.

  5. Please arrive on time and try to remain for the entire class. When going in and out of classroom, please close the door gently and quietly. Do not leave door open.

  6. Please be silent in the yoga room. Use the time before class to quiet down, stretch, meditate and relax, and always leave the yoga room quietly and allow your fellow students to enjoy their final relaxation (Savasana) at the end of class.

  7. In consideration for those with sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or strongly scented products in class.

  8. When finding a spot in the studio, please do so quietly. When putting your mat down be considerate of those around you. Please do not block another person’s view of the mirror. In a full classroom you need only see a portion of yourself in the mirror. Adjust your mat as needed to accommodate others.

  9. Please do not walk through class during postures or touch the thermostat, windows, or mirrors.

  10. Please maintain tidiness while using changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms, and place all rental towels in laundry baskets provided.