Before contacting customer support, please read these Gap FAQs for answers to common questions:

Where's my Groupon?
Due to the high volume of yesterday's purchases, it's taking slightly longer to process the credit card transactions. Your Groupon should be in your account at by Monday.

I'm having credit card issues. How do I update my card?
Log into your account and click on "My Stuff" and "My Account". If your card has expired, you'll need to also change the security code on your card because this is technically a replacement card.

I had a typo when I made this purchase!
If you purchased with a typo, we will have to edit this error once your Groupon has fully processed this weekend. Once this charge goes through on your card, please contact us.

If I have Groupon credit available in my account, will it apply toward my purchase?
Yes! Those points will be used automatically. Once your order processes, your card will only be charged if there is a remaining balance.

I'm seeing multiple charges on my credit card.
Any extra charges will go away in a few days, as they are pending. Only one charge will be processed per account.

I'm trying to print and I'm getting an "Illegal Path" error.
We are starting to use some of the PDF features introduced in Acrobat Reader 8, and you could be using an older version. You can update your reader here for free:

I bought a Groupon for the wrong city. Can I still use this?
Yes. This Groupon is valid at any Gap store in the US or Canada.

Can I still get the deal?
No. Unfortunately, this deal is closed.