Be Wicked Costumes

2 Piece Lucky Charm

  • Included items: Corset with lace overlay, side zipper, lace-up back, and attached layered ruffled skirt

2 Piece Mermaid

  • Included items: Long shimmering skirt and matching top with jewel design. Seashell not included.

3 Piece Celestial Beauty

  • Included items: Corset with side zipper and lace-up back brief, and gloves.

5 Piece Knock Out Girl

  • Included items: Robe, belt, shorts, scrunch top and boxing gloves. Thigh highs not included.

2 Piece Sexy Templar

  • Included items: Chainmail top with zippered back and booty shorts. Thigh highs and sword not included.

3 Piece Hokus Pokus Heartthrob

  • Included items: Corset, high-low skirt, and hat. Gloves not included.

4 Piece Band Camp Cutie

  • Included items: Corset, skirt, bolero with attached tie. Gloves not included.

6 Piece Swat Sergeant

  • Included items: Zippered front jumpsuit with cutout sides, hat, belt, baton, walkie talkie and handcuffs

2 Piece Aladdin's Delight

  • Included items: Belly dancer top and pants

2 Piece Naughty Sailor

  • Included items: Bustier with attached skirt and hat. Thigh Highs not included

3 Piece Commando

  • Included items: Camouflage bustier with attached skirt built in petticoat and hat. Gun not included.

3 Piece Sexy Registered Nurse

  • Included items: Corset, pettiskirt and hat. Thigh highs not included.

1 Piece Dark Angel/Gothic Vampire (2 for 1)

  • Included items: Long black dress with zippered back and cutout sides and high side slite. Thigh highs and gloves not included.

2 Piece Chief Indian Princess

  • Included items: Suede halter top with fringes and skirt with 2 layer fringe. Headdress and tomahawk not included.

2 Piece Furious Fairy

  • Included items: Long-sleeve dress with lace-up front and horns headdress. Booty shorts and crystal ball not inlcuded.

2 Piece Ravishing Royal Guard

  • Included items: Button-down jacket with black booty shorts. Medals, riding helmet, riding stick, and pantyhose not included.

3 Piece Army Brat

  • Included items: Camouflage vest, shorts and hat. Gun and thigh highs are not included.

3 Piece Home Care Nurse

  • Included items: Bustier with attached skirt, hat and stethoscope

3 Piece Hot Hooligan

  • Included items: Layered asymetrical dress, dress vest, and head scarf. Thigh highs, sword, and liquor holder not included.

4 Piece Kissable Kitty Kat

  • Included items: Leotard, tutu, tail, and kitty ears headband. Thigh highs and gloves not included.

5 Piece Sexy Swat

  • Included items: Long pants, best, belt, baton and handcuffs. Glasses not included.

7 Piece Sexy Sheriff

  • Included items: Lycra shorts, hat, vest, baton, handcuffs, sheriff patch, walkie-talkie. Sunglasses not included.

7 Piece Stunning Sergeant

  • Included items: Hat, badge, walkie talkie, handcuffs, baton, built-in petticoat, and corset. Gloves not inlcuded.

8 Piece Ravishing Rookie

  • Included items: Hat, badge, walkie talkie, handcuffs, baton, booty shorts, vest, police patch. Thigh highs not included.

8 Piece Sexy Wicked Officer

  • Included items: Criss-cross top vest, skirt, hat, baton, handcuffs, walkie talkie, badge and belt. Hosiery not included.