Fila Boys’ Swift-Dry Socks

Size 6-8 Options

Block Logo Cushion (Black) and Colorblock Cushion (Multicolor)

Bright Tip Mesh (Black) and Mesh Top Stripe (Black)

Colorblock Spike (Black) and Striped Colorblock (White)

Large Cushion Ankle and Welt Cushion (Black)

Mesh Cushion and Box Cushion Ankle (Black)

Spike Tip Cushion (Multicolor) and Vertical Stripe Logo (Black)

Vertical Cushion and Welt Cushion (Black)

Vertical Stripe Mesh and Heritage Logo (Black)

Size 9-11 Options

Double Vertical Stripe Logo and Heritage Logo (Black)

Large Cushion (Black) and Colorblock Cushion (Multicolor)

Logo Welt Cushion and Mesh Cushion (Black)

Oversized Logo (White and Black)

Sole Strip Cushion Ankle and Box Cushion Ankle (Black)

Solid Arch Support and Linear Footbed Mesh (Black)

Tech Mesh Cushion and Box Cushion (Black) 9-11

Vertical Cushion and Bright Tip Mesh (Black)

Vertical Stripe Mesh and Large Cushion Ankle (Black) 9-11