Cobra iRAD Device Specifications

Radar Detector
Detects All Radar & Laser Guns Full 14-Band protection from X-Band radar, K-Band radar, Ka-Band radar, POP mode, VG-2, all six laser types and Safety Alert.
Bluetooth Enabled Unit Easily and quickly pairs with Android-based smartphones and tablets or iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.
Audio Alerts Alerts sound through the speaker while visual alerts are shown on the smartphone through the iRadar app.
VG-2 Alert/Undetectable Provides complete immunity and alerts the driver when under surveillance of VG-2 Radar-Detector-Detectors.
Spectre 1 Undetectable Provides complete immunity to Spectre 1 radar detector-detectors.
Safety Alert Warns driver of the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra’s exclusive Safety Alert transmitters.
Auto Mute Automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience.
Visual Radar Alerts All radar and laser alerts are convenienty displayed on your Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone, iPod Touches, or iPad.
Alert Logging Keep track of radar/laser alerts detected.
Speedometer & Compass Automatically provides accurate electronic speed and direction headings.
Settings Menus Configure iRadar unit through your Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone, iPod Touches, or iPad.
AURA Speed & Red Light Camera Provides Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad users get continuously updated access to Cobra’s industry-leading verifed data.
Database Included
Free Download iRadar app is available for free download through Android and Apple marketplaces