“First Questions and Answers” Book Sets

Bundle 1

  • Why Did Knights Fight?
  • Why are fish like lions?
  • Why do cats purr?
  • Why do elephants trumpet?
  • Why did Romans march?
  • Why do chimps kiss?
  • Why do fawns have spots?
  • Why can’t penguins fly?
  • Why are pandas in peril?
  • Why do puppies chew?

Bundle 2

  • why do horses wear shoes?
  • Why does it rain?
  • Why do dolphins squeak?
  • Why do ants cut up leaves?
  • Why are whales so big?
  • Why are lions lazy?
  • Why do birds have beaks?
  • Why do bears go fishing?
  • Why are mammals furry?
  • Why do snakes slither?

Bundle 3

  • Why were dinosaurs scaly?
  • Why did pirates bury treasure?
  • Why does the Earth spin?
  • Why were mummies wrapped?
  • Why does Saturn have rings?
  • Why were mammoths woolly?
  • Why do fish bite?
  • Why does light bend?
  • Why are sharks so scary?
  • Why do knees bend?