iRobot Roomba 581 Full Specifications
Special Features
  • Three Virtual Wall® Lighthouses confine Roomba in one room until it is clean and then lets it move into the next room, ensuring the robot methodically cleans multiple rooms.
  • On-board scheduling can be preset up to seven times per week for Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you.
  • Wireless Command Center allows you to activate all of Roomba's functions, including scheduling, cleaning and even steering, from almost anywhere in your home.
  • Includes extra brush set and filter.

Core Technologies
  • Roomba uses a three-stage cleaning system to vacuum up to 98% of dirt, dust and debris from floors
  • Cleaning head suspension system allows Roomba to automatically adjust between carpet, tile, hardwood and linoleum floors
  • Counter-rotating bristle brush and beater brush work together like a dustpan and broom
  • Fine vacuum filter traps dust, pollen and tiny particulates inside bin
  • Roomba cleans the whole floor, including the areas you see and those you can't
  • Roomba vacuums under and around furniture and along wall edges
  • Spinning side brush makes Roomba extremely efficient at cleaning edges

iAdapt™ Responsive Cleaning Technology
  • Roomba's advanced system of software and sensors allows it to clean more of your room, more thoroughly
  • With iAdapt Technology, Roomba vacuums every section of your room multiple times
  • Roomba gets into areas you can't easily reach, including under and around furniture
  • Roomba selects from dozens of robotic behaviors more than 60 times per second to optimize coverage
  • Roomba's Light-Touch Bumper Technology accurately discerns soft barriers from solid barriers, allowing Roomba to go under curtains, comforters, bed skirts and couch skirts
  • Wall-Following Technology ensures the most thorough floor coverage possible
  • Dirt Detect Technology uses an acoustic sensor to help find dirtier areas and spend more time cleaning them
  • Cliff Detection Sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other drop-offs
  • Anti-Tangle Technology keeps Roomba from getting stuck on cords, carpet fringe and tassels, helping Roomba to clean on its own without supervision

Added Convenience
  • Self-charging Home Base® for Roomba to dock and recharge when done vacuuming or the battery is low
  • Simple operation - just press the Clean button and Roomba does the rest

What's In The Box
  • 1 iRobot Roomba 581
  • 3 Virtual Wall Lighthouses (Require 2 C batteries each, not included)
  • 1 Self-Charging Home Base
  • 1 Wireless Command Center
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • 1 Extra Side Brush, 1 Extra Bristle Brush, 1 Extra Beater Brush
  • 1 Round Brush Cleaning Tool
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty On Robot, 6-Month Manufacturer's Limited Warranty On Battery

  • Package Dimensions: 21"x17.9"x5.5"
  • Package Weight: 14.8 lbs.
  • Robot Dimensions: 13.9 inches in diameter, 3.6 inches in height
  • Robot Weight: 8.4 lbs.
  • Country of Origin: China

The iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.