NFL Rivals Checkers Set

For each title, the team listed on the left is the team that you order. The team listed on the right is the included rival.

49ers vs. Raiders

Bears vs. Packers

Bengals vs. Steelers

Bills vs. Dolphins

Broncos vs. Raiders

Browns vs. Steelers

Buccaneers vs. Saints

Cardinals vs. Cowboys

Chargers vs. Raiders

Chiefs vs. Raiders

Colts vs. Patriots

Cowboys vs. Redskins

Dolphins vs. Bills

Eagles vs. Cowboys

Falcons vs. Saints

Giants vs. Cowboys

Jaguars vs. Titans

Jets vs. Patriots

Lions vs. Packers

Packers vs. Bears

Panthers vs. Falcons

Patriots vs. Colts

Raiders vs. 49ers

Rams vs. 49ers

Ravens vs. Steelers

Redskins vs. Cowboys

Saints vs. Falcons

Seahawks vs. 49ers

Steelers vs. Browns

Texans vs. Cowboys

Titans vs. Steelers

Vikings vs. Packers