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Our drivers are spayed, neutered and have no reason to curl up in your lap and make it awkward. Trust us, these cats are cool. And every Grouber experience should be a paws-itive one.

Purrtinent Answers Within

Why did Grøüber choose cats (versus dogs) as the drivers?

Everyone knows that dogs chase tails and cats chase red lasers; it’s pretty clear which of the two is the more reliable driver here. Attention span and general hygiene were also keys factor during the decision making process.

Where did you find these drivers?

It varies. We largely partner with local shelters, but don’t be surprised if you see familiar face -- several drivers have had brief stints as YouTube sensations.

What is the purpose of the laser navigation system?

In order to ensure the most efficient trip possible, each Grøüber car is equipped with a GPS-based red laser that emits from the front of the vehicle and navigates the trip from the pickup to the destination. Cats have proven track record of relentless dedication to following red lasers and after much testing, we confirmed that a fleet of felines would be the safest and most skilled drivers.

Are your drivers hypoallergenic?

You can absolutely request a hypoallergenic or completely hairless cat at no additional cost.

Should I tip my driver?

Tip percentages can be adjusted within the app, but the amount is entirely at your discretion. (Note: catnip tips are accepted only in Colorado and Washington at this time.)

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