Microfiber Dusting Kit Details

Ceiling Fan Duster

  • Cleans all size ceiling fan blades
  • Can be attached to telescopic pole (not included)
  • Sleeve is machine-washable

Window-Washing Tool

  • All-in-one window-cleaning tool
  • One side has scrubber to remove dirt and grime
  • Alternate side is a squeegee
  • Can attach to telescopic pole (not included)
  • Scrubber sleeve is machine-washable

Delicate Duster

  • Cleans delicate items such as chandeliers and pictures
  • Picks up more dirt than a standard ostrich duster
  • Handheld use
  • Can attach to telescopic pole (not included)
  • Removable head for machine-washing

Mini Blind Duster

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable fingers
  • Sleeve is machine-washable

Plantation Blind Duster

  • Ideal for plantation and shutter blinds
  • Articulating head for all types of angles
  • Can be attached to a telescopic pole (not included)
  • Machine-washable

Wand Duster

  • Handheld microfiber tool
  • Ideal for cleaning around hard-to-reach areas
  • Machine-washable