Groupon Getaways FAQ
What is Groupon Getaways with Expedia?

Groupon has teamed up with Expedia to create Groupon Getaways by featuring select travel experiences at great values. We look into each destination--whether it's a five-star resort or a cozy bed and breakfast--and provide local insights to make every travel experience one of a kind. Backed by the Groupon Promise, Groupon Getaways will inspire you to explore the world—one deal at a time.

Voucher Offers with Groupon Getaways
How do I book my Getaway?

After your purchase, your Groupon Getaways voucher will be available in your account under “My Groupons” and will include all of the necessary booking information. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Find the offer that’s right for you.
  2. Purchase your Groupon Getaways voucher.
  3. Contact the merchant, as specified on your Groupon Getaways voucher or in the Fine Print & Details, before the book-by date (a.k.a. the promotional value expiration date).
  4. Book a date within the travel window specified in the Fine Print & Details.
  5. Mention your Groupon Getaways voucher and provide your credit card information, if necessary, to secure your reservation.
  6. Safe travels!
What if I can’t book or travel before the promotional value expires?

If the promotional value of your Groupon Getaways voucher expires before you use it, the voucher is still worth what you paid for it as a credit with the merchant toward the advertised experience. Additionally, each Groupon Getaways offer carries a booking guarantee. If you aren’t able to book the dates you want after purchasing, please call us for a refund before the promotional value expires.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip after I have booked it?

Check the Fine Print and Details of the Groupon Getaways offer for the cancellation policy before purchasing the Groupon Getaways voucher. If the policy allows for cancellations, call the merchant and Groupon Customer Support to cancel your reservation. You may be charged a cancellation fee if applicable.

Can I upgrade my room?

Some properties allow for upgrades at an additional cost. The Hotel Policies section under the Fine Print & Details of the Groupon Getaways offer should include this information. If the offer includes an upgrade option, you can arrange your upgrade directly with the merchant when you call to book your stay.

May I buy more than one Groupon Getaways voucher?

It depends! The Fine Print varies for each Groupon Getaways offer, so check it for any restrictions. For some Groupon Getaways offers, you can combine more than one voucher for a longer stay.

Are taxes included in voucher-based Groupon Getaways offer?

Typically, taxes are not included in the amount paid for a Groupon Getaways voucher. Check the Fine Print & Details to see if any additional taxes or fees are owed upon booking or at check-in.

A reminder about the Fine Print:

Please take extra care to check the Fine Print & Details in the Groupon Getaways offer before you buy and again on your Groupon Getaways voucher after purchasing for important information about the offer, including blackout dates.

Where am I allowed to travel?

We leave that up to you, but we suggest you do your research before traveling to far off lands. To find information regarding necessary travel documents and travel advisories, the United States Department of State travel website is a great resource.

Bookings with Groupon Getaways
How do I confirm my Getaway?

If you made a reservation through Groupon Getaways, you’re all set. You don’t need a Groupon voucher and will receive confirmation in your e-mail. Your confirmation will also be available in your Groupon account under My Groupons. (You do not need to contact the merchant unless you are making a special request; special requests must be made before your check-in date.)

Are my Getaways Bookings paid in full?

Yes. All Getaways Bookings are prepaid in full at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated. Getaways Bookings expressly exclude any other traveler costs including, without limitation, travel insurance, incidentals, service charges, gratuities or expenses due to special requests or add-ons.

Can I book the Groupon rate directly with the merchant if I mention Groupon?

No. The only place you can book the Groupon rate is through Groupon Getaways. Be sure to book with us while the offer is available for a limited time!

Do I need to have the same credit card with me at check-in that I used to purchase my Getaways Booking?

No. The merchant will require a valid photo ID and any valid credit card for check-in, but not necessarily the credit card used for purchase.

Are taxes included in the price of my Getaways Booking?

Yes. When you purchase a Getaways Booking, any applicable taxes will be included, unless otherwise stated.

Where can I make special requests related to my hotel stay?

All requests must be made directly with the merchant prior to check in. Groupon will not handle any special requests and cannot guarantee these requests will be fulfilled.

What happens if I need to cancel my Getaways Booking?

Check the Fine Print & Details for the applicable cancellation policy before purchasing and booking. Before the cancellation deadline, you can cancel your Getaways Booking through Groupon by signing into your account under “My Groupons” or by contacting Groupon Customer Support. After the cancellation deadline, you must contact the merchant, who will handle cancellations on a case-by-case basis. You may be charged a cancellation fee if you do not meet the cancellation deadline.

What happens if I need to modify my Groupon Getaways Booking?

Groupon is unable to modify your Getaways Booking. You may cancel your Getaways Booking and purchase a different stay if the offer is still live on Groupon Getaways. Once the offer has closed, you will not be able to rebook your stay with the merchant through Groupon Getaways.

What happens if I need to modify my Traveler’s Name?

Any modifications to the Traveler’s Name must be made through the merchant. Groupon will not accommodate modifications to the Traveler’s Name and cannot guarantee these requests will be fulfilled.

What should I do if the hotel has problems locating my Getaways Booking?

If the merchant is unable to locate your Getaways Booking for any reason, please call Groupon Customer Support at 1 (888) 375-5777 and we will resolve any miscommunication.