Grassroots Frequently Asked Questions
What is Groupon Grassroots and where did it come from?

Groupon Grassroots is a new way to discover local causes, rally together, and lend a helping hand. It all began with Groupon’s great uncle, The Point, a fundraising and collective-action website that inspired Groupon’s G-Team, which raised more than $3 million dollars for local and national causes. Now G-Team is Groupon Grassroots, an even bigger and more powerful program that builds a bridge between community partners, customers, and merchants. We carefully select each Grassroots campaign to connect you with great community-building projects, helping you achieve something awesome that you couldn’t do alone.

How does Groupon Grassroots choose the featured organizations?

Featured organizations all have three things in common.

  • They seek funding for projects that meet specific needs, such as providing winter coats for school children or a new bed of soil for a neighborhood garden.
  • They’ve been vetted through research and organizations such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator.
  • Their projects achieve tangible results once they reach a minimum number of supporters.
Does Groupon Grassroots take a cut of the donations collected?

Never. 100% funds raised through Groupon Grassroots are given directly to the featured organization. Groupon even eats the credit card fees.

What do I need to do after I click "Buy"?

Donations are always automatically given to the organization, so there is no action needed from the supporter to ensure delivery of the donation. After a campaign is funded the supporter should follow progress of the campaign impact implementation on the Groupon Grassroots website. We encourage the supporter to reach out to the organization using the instructions provided following the campaign close to receive acknowledgement of their contribution and to get involved.

How will the featured organization get my donation?

Your donation will be sent directly to the organization. When the Groupon Grassroots campaign closes, the featured organization will receive a check for 100% of the donations collected.

Every Groupon Grassroots campaigns must first reach a “tipping point”—a minimum number of donors—before the donations are processed. “The Campaign” section will always tell you the minimum number of donations required for the campaign to “tip.” If the tipping point is not reached, the organization will not receive any of the pledged funds and subscribers’ credit cards will not be charged.

How can I connect with the featured organization after the campaign is over?

We never share our customer's personal contact information with anyone, so you'll need to reach out to the featured organization through the instructions provided upon making your contribution and following the progress of the campaign on the Groupon Grassroots website.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

According to the IRS "You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions." (IRS Publication 78) After making the donation on Groupon, donors will need to register their donation with the featured organization to obtain the required documentation and consult a tax professional.

How do I get my favorite mission-driven organization featured on Groupon Grassroots?

We are in constant pursuit of worthy causes. If you know of an organization that deserves the attention of Groupon subscribers, you can submit an application here.

How do I know the organization will use my donation for the purpose stated in the campaign?

The organizations and campaigns featured by Groupon Grassroots undergo an extensive vetting process by which we hold them accountable for reporting back on the progress of their project and their use of campaign funds. Supporters can follow the impact of their donation by visiting organization's campaign page on the Groupon Grassroots website.

How can I follow up on a campaign’s progress?

Visit the Groupon Grassroots website to find the individual page of the organization you supported. There you will be able to follow the campaign’s progress and impact.