Full Terms of Sam's Club Membership Packages
By purchasing a membership voucher, the purchaser is agreeing to all Sam’s Club membership terms and conditions. Membership must be activated by 01/31/2021. Membership expires one year from the date the Sam's Club membership is activated. Auto Renew: By accepting this offer, you authorize annual recurring charges to any card on file for your Sam's Club membership fee(s) plus any applicable taxes at then-current rate every year until you cancel. Current rates, which may change, are $45 for Club level and $100 for Plus level. Visit SamsClub.com or a club or call 1-888-7 46-7726 to see full terms or cancel auto-renewal. All terms and conditions apply. Instant Savings offers are subject to availability and are valid in U.S. clubs with a U.S. membership, excluding Puerto Rico. Prices shown are pre-tax amounts. Limit one on each free item delivered via Instant Savings. State and local laws may require sales tax to be charged on the pre-discounted price. For Club Pickup orders not paid for online, any savings will be based on and limited to the Instant Savings offers available to the paying member on the date of in-club payment. No money shall be returned to member if the price of the offer falls below zero dollars after applying the Instant Savings discount. If more than one Instant Savings offer is available for an item, the highest-value discount will be applied. Multiple offers will not be combined for any item. Visit SamsClub.com/termsandconditions or see a Club Associate for additional details. Instant Savings expire 90 days after the membership is activated. Membership must be activated before 01/31/2021, to receive additional membership benefits of special Instant Savings. Minimum purchase equal to the full offer value required.