Why are the tickets mailed?

1. Some parks are willing to accept our tickets, but not willing to allow customers to purchase them while at the facility or on the same day of play. That is why we are able to offer more participating parks nationwide than the other ticket companies.
2. Avoids accidentally deleting. With inboxes filled with so much unsolicited mail and with customer settings for spam mail differing, emailed tickets are prone to be inadvertently deleted.
3. Don’t need to use all the tickets at once? No problem! We mail out individual tickets. If you buy 12 and only want to use 6 for now, you can save the other 6 tickets for another time. Our hard copy tickets do not have an expiration date.
4. Giving the tickets as a gift? Hard copy tickets look more impressive than computer printed tickets.
5. Can’t wait for the mail? Need tickets sooner? Simply call us at 773-309-4545 and press 9 to talk to one of our staff members to explore alternative arrangements. Approximately 95% of our participating parks will allow such arrangements.
6. How quickly are the tickets sent out? Typically, all orders are processed and mailed out within one business day or less. They are sent through USPS first class mail.
In summary, Paintball USA, with our superb customer service and quick processing times, is not only the number one selling paintball ticket, but offers the lowest-priced tickets in the industry.