Spring Salebration Promo Code Discount

How exactly does this promo code work? For a limited time, we're giving you the opportunity to get a great discount on a Groupon purchase. Just find a deal you like and enter the promo code we provided at checkout on either... Read More

Can I share this discount with a friend? Sure! Anyone who has the promotional code can take advantage of the discount. Read More

Can I use my code on multiple deals? No, this promo code can only be applied to a single Groupon for one deal. Read More

Can I use the promo code toward a purchase I already made? No, the promo code is only valid on a new purchase made before the expiration date that was listed. Read More

Does the promo code apply to any kind of deal on It depends on the promotion, but we'll always mention this when we give you the code. Unless we state that the promo code can only be used toward a specific type of deal (a Goods item or... Read More

How long is this promo code valid? This offer is valid for a limited time only, so make sure to check the expiration date and time that we listed. Read More

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase amount for this code? It depends on the discount we offer, but some require a minimum purchase amount for a single Groupon, and you won't be able to combine multiple lower-priced Groupons to meet the minimum... Read More

My promo code's only good for Local deals. How do I find those? Our Local deals are for businesses in your area such as restaurants, fitness centers, and auto shops—just to name a few. You can find them by visiting the Local section on Read More

Why was my discount less than the percentage that was offered? Did you receive the maximum discount? Depending on the promo code you're using, you'll receive a certain percentage off the purchase of a single Groupon, up to the maximum discount amount... Read More

I saw a message that the promo code was added to my purchase, so why wasn't my order discounted? If the promo you entered was a valid code, you'll see a message telling you this after you enter it—but that doesn't necessarily mean the Groupon met all the requirements and that your... Read More

What happens if I return the Groupon purchase I made using my promo code discount? If you return the Groupon purchase you made with the discount, you will only be refunded any additional amount paid beyond the incentive value. Any promotional value applied to your purchase... Read More