Save the Money FAQ

What is the Save the Money campaign?

A vital effort to save our most precious natural resource: money.

What does it mean for me?

We’re empowering you to do your part to help save this endangered resource. When you become a Groupon subscriber, you'll receive daily opportunities to save money on the best things to do in your city. Since 2008 Groupon helped customers save more than $1 billion.

What happens if I save too much money?

Should you find yourself overwhelmed by rescued cash, you can help your saved money live free by giving it to a worthy cause. Today we’re featuring four charitable organizations that need your help to preserve the rain forests, create jobs for Tibetan refugees, end commercial whaling, and build schools in some of the world’s poorest villages. With matching funds, you can save money while saving other stuff, too.

Since when is Groupon promoting fundraising campaigns?

Since the very beginning. Before Groupon metamorphosed into its current incarnation as a daily deal provider and the Internet's Best Source For Photos of Stereos™, it was The Point, a fundraising and collective-action website. Utilizing corporate synergy and the same cocooning technology beloved by caterpillars, the G-Team emerged as the new way for Groupon subscribers to connect with causes.

How did Groupon choose the featured charities?

The charities featured all have three things in common: they fund campaigns that accomplish tangible results, they've been vetted by organizations such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator, and they agreed to take money from our subscribers.

How do I get my favorite mission-driven organization featured on Groupon?

Learn more about G-Team, and then submit ideas or apply for sponsorship.

Does Groupon take a cut of the donations collected?

You bet we do. And if you bet that we do, you'd lose. Because we don't.

Is there anything I need to do to redeem the donation Groupon?

It depends. Always check the fine print and the redemption instructions on your Groupon voucher for details.

How will the featured organization get my donations?

Once the campaign reaches its tipping point, your donation will be collected and your donation and the Groupon matching funds will be sent automatically and directly to the organization. The campaign will remain open until March 31 or until it sells out. When the campaign closes, the featured organization will receive a check for 100% of the donations collected and the matching contributions from Groupon. No further action is required by the donor, though all donors are encouraged to take the next year off of work to recuperate after giving so generously.

Is my donation tax deductible?

If the featured organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, the amount donated before the matching funds are added is tax deductible. After making the donation on Groupon, donors will need to register their donation with the featured organization.