Special Offer for Groupon Subscribers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

I got a special offer from Groupon – what's this about?

For a limited time, we're giving select customers (like you) a special by-invitation-only gift code for their first Groupon purchase. It's our way of saying thanks for subscribing!

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How do I use the Groupon Bucks code I was emailed?

  1. Click "Buy" on the page featuring the deal you want to purchase.
  2. If you already have an account click "Sign In." If you're new to Groupon, fill out the personal information form to create your account.
  3. Before providing your credit card information, check the "Enter promotion or gift code" box in the "Your Purchase" section.
  4. Enter your code and hit "Apply." Please note the code is case sensitive, valid only for subscribers who have not yet purchased a Groupon, one time use and is only valid through the specified expiration date.
  5. You'll see the code amount automatically deducted from your purchase total.
  6. Click "Complete Order" and enjoy!
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I entered the gift card code, but I don't see the Groupon Bucks deducted. Will it work?

Yes, it will work if it is your first purchase and the code has not expired. If you are signed in, you'll see the code amount automatically deducted from your purchase total. If you use a code that hasn't expired and you don't see the amount deducted, contact us and we'll help.

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Is there any fine print for the offer I received?

Yes. In order for you to get credit, you must make your first purchase before the expiration date of your offer. It doesn't matter from what city in the United States you purchase your Groupon. Also, your code is exclusively for the account associated with the email address where we sent the offer.

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What are Groupon Bucks?

Each Groupon Buck equals a dollar when you make a Groupon purchase. So when you are awarded Groupon Bucks we will deposit them in your account.

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Where can I see my Groupon Bucks?

In the "My Gifts" section in your drop-down once logged in. Also the amount of Bucks you have appear on the right side of the screen when logged in.

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How do I use my Groupon Bucks?

Once in your account, Groupon Bucks will automatically apply to your future purchases until they run out. Any more questions, contact us here.

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Can I redeem my gift code on the iPhone or Android apps?

Not at this time. Also, please be advised that codes cannot be used on your mobile browser.

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Do my unused Groupon Bucks for this offer expire?

Nope. If you make your first purchase by the expiration date, any Groupon Bucks you don't use will stay in your account and can be applied toward a future Groupon purchase.

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How can I earn more Bucks?

You can earn Bucks in a handful of other ways. For example, if you refer a friend to Groupon and they make a purchase, you'll get $10 Groupon Bucks. We also send out offers to select groups of our best customers from time to time which include offers for Groupon Bucks.

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What if I made a purchase and then received my special offer – can I still collect?

We want to do right by you, so if you made a purchase the day you received our special offer contact us here. We'll apply the code toward a future Groupon purchase (with no expiration). Please allow 1 business day (Monday-Friday) for us to adjust your account.

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Can I apply my Groupon Bucks to a Gift Card purchase?

Not at this time. They can be redeemed only for purchases of Groupon deals.

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I have another question.

We'll do our best to answer it. You might be interested in these Deal FAQ's, or this overview of How Groupon works. You can also contact us here

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