Wine Insiders: FAQ

Q: Is membership required?
A: No membership is required and there is no obligation to buy again.

Q: If I’ve used a Groupon for Wine Insiders before, can I buy this one?
A: Sorry, new clients only. One Groupon Wine Insiders Voucher per household.

Q: Can I use a Groupon for the pre-paid Wine Club Gift Memberships of 3, 6, or 12 months?
A: Yes, but not for enrolling in a club which bills a credit card every month upon shipment until you cancel. You’re welcome to enroll in a club but your Groupon will not cover the monthly charges to your credit card.

Q: Do you pick the wines or do I?
A: You pick the wines in any quantity you like.

Q: How many wines do I get?
A: Your Groupon covers the first $75 of wine. Wines start at $9.99. You’ll need a credit card for any amount over $75.

Q: Does my Groupon cover shipping & tax?
A: No, the Groupon is good for $75 toward your wine total.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: 1–2 bottles $9.95; 3–4 bottles $15.95; 5–6 bottles $17.95; 7–11 bottles $19.95. Shipping for 12 or more bottles to the same address is $0.01.

Q: What states do you ship to?
A: Click to see Wine Insiders shipping states select states.

Q: How long will it take to deliver my wine?
A: 1–2 weeks.

Q: How do you know I’m 21?
A: An adult must sign for the delivery and packages will not be delivered otherwise. Our customers who aren’t home during the day and don’t have a doorman, ship their wine to work or to a friend or neighbor.

Q: When can I redeem this Groupon and how do I redeem it?
A: You can redeem the Voucher online only at as soon you receive it from Groupon. Enter the Voucher number into the “Redeem Groupon” box and the end of the checkout process, hit the “Apply” button, and you’ll see the discount applied on the next page.