The World of Groupon

Groupon's brand-new, ancient Wintertime Holiday lets you give fun as you cower in amazement at Groupo™ The Bargain Bird™. Celebration of Grouponicus is mandatory fun for all Groupon employees.

By offering a college scholarship to babies whose parents used a Groupon on their first date, Groupon finally gives Americans a reason to have children.

Making its debut on April 1, 2010, Groupon's premium marketplace offers unbeatable deals on snakeskin apparel, money collages, and crowns to an elite set of customers who meet our rigorous criteria. Coverage on Techcrunch.

Groupon's Chicago headquarters are also home to enigmatic shut-in Michael Ward. Employees across all of our departments banded together to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

In 2011, Groupon revolutionized (and monetized!) falsehood-based frivolity by legally purchasing the rights to April Fools' Day. Browse our patent application and take our quiz to see if you're an April Fool.

Groupon rarely links to its competitors, but it's wise to keep tabs on your fiercest rivals. Led by CEO (and chief innovationist) Mason Andrews (blog), Nopuorg's hilarious writing style and enviable deals make them the competitor to watch.

For centuries, Groupon scientists have maintained that it is possible to live solely off Groupons. After a nationwide search, we selected Chicagoan Josh Stevens to prove us right. Armed with only unlimited Groupons (and forbidden from using cash), Stevens is on a cross-country quest to make friends, right wrongs, and live off Groupon.

Sometimes we do awesome press releases, and we would do them more often if we had more time. You know how Starbucks sometimes gives out free medium coffees when opening a new location? As is stated in the press release, we decided to do the same thing when opening our new office. No one in the press picked up on the joke, but we're hoping there's at least one guy out there who thought it was funny.

In 2009 Groupon was nominated for Chicago Innovation Awards' People's Choice Award, leaving us with no choice but to ruthlessly attack our competition. Here's the inside scoop on Groupon's hated rival—and innovator of sanitary baby formula packaging—Abbot Laboratories.

The longest and most important event in television history. You can watch Groupon's first local TV commercial here.

To celebrate and thank our merchant partners, Groupon's 2009 holiday card took the form of a video showing the entire Groupon staff singing a J.S. Bach Christmas Chorale on the stage of the Chicago Lyric Opera—in the original German.

Groupon lives and dies by the number of subscribers we retain. Derrick is in charge of this.

In 2009, Andrew was chosen by Crain's Chicago to be among its "40 under 40." His acceptance speech reminds viewers of why he is one of the greatest orators of our time.

A companion service to Groupon: get a map showing directions between two locations for free in 7—10 days.

Groupon Addiction Hotline: (312) 673-1515

As we began receiving reports of customers being hospitalized for Groupon addiction, we created this automated phone service to help customers cope when they need it most.

Still your only source for knowing the date.

In addition to deals on spas and restaurants, Groupon also offers remarkable deals on experiences you won't find anywhere else, such as this deal which ran on April 1, 2009. Learn more by visiting the website and watching the promotional video.