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Thanks to these Dr. Lin Skincare coupons from Groupon Freebies, clogged pores can begin breathing easy for a discounted price. A member of the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Lin has funneled years of dermatological experience into a simple acne-combatting system. Using the doctor’s daily cleanser, acne lotion, and acne spot corrector twice daily for a month, patients gradually clear their epidermises of acne and prevent future breakouts. For less severe cases, Dr. Lin stocks his online shop—as well as nationwide retailers like Walmart and CVS—with items such as acne-cleansing wipes and pads. Take advantage of Dr. Lin Skincare coupons to make breakouts and the red marks left in their wake a thing of the past.

Dr. Michael Lin is no stranger to the perils of acne. After struggling with breakouts for years himself, and watching his patients do the same, he dedicated the last 16 years to supplying a solution. A licensed physician in California, Dr. Lin created a system that blends two essential ingredients: benzoyl peroxide (which kills acne-causing bacteria) and salicylic acid (which unclogs pores and inhibits future breakouts). The doctor’s system is also chock-full of natural botanicals, which, in addition to fighting acne, help red and dark blemishes fade away. Thanks to Dr. Lin Skincare coupons, you can enjoy a cleaner, brighter complexion for less.

Waging war against acne has earned Dr. Lin much deserved media attention, not to mention celebrity clients including the Kardashians. But the doctor doesn’t just help famous faces—in fact, he can help any kind of face since his system works on all skin types. He also knows that not every case of acne is the same. That’s why he sells some of his system’s tools, including his acne spot corrector, separately to patients with less intense breakouts.

Eager for a way to combat acne that doesn’t require you to always wear a skin-protecting hockey mask? Then arm yourself with Dr. Lin’s system at a reduced price, complements of Groupon’s Dr. Lin Skincare coupons.

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