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30-Day Risk-Free Trial From Sit N Cycle

Click here to get a 30-day risk-free trial of Sit N Cycle, a portable exercise machine that's a fun and convenient way to get an aerobic workout.

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About Sit N Cycle

With a Sit N Cycle coupon, you can enjoy everything from novels to knitting projects while getting in your daily exercise. Dorothy Hamill demonstrates how the Sit N Cycle works on the product’s website—but you don’t have to be a gold-medal figure skater to enjoy its benefits. The Sit N Cycle’s smooth-turning pedals are slip resistant to keep your feet securely in place no matter how much you push your workout. This makes it easy to chat on the phone or watch your favorite shows while staying active, yet comfortable. You can also choose from six stylish colors, such as black and red, to complement your decor and your personality. To get in shape without having to trek to the gym, grab a Sit N Cycle coupon from the list below.

Burning calories doesn’t have to arduous and boring. Thanks to its eight resistance levels, the Sit N Cycle gives you options that range from free-flowing pedal motions that pair well with magazines to challenging workouts that require more focus. And because it doesn’t have arm rests or a back, the Sit N Cycle forces you to engage your abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter tummy and better posture without excessive strain. Check out Groupon Freebies’ Sit N Cycle coupons and pedal your way toward fitness.

Unlike traditional exercise bikes, which are large and cumbersome, Sit N Cycle is incredibly compact and portable. At only 34 pounds, you can easily wheel it from room to room, stow it in a closet, or move it to your back porch on a nice day. The Sit N Cycle is also adjustable, so you can set the cushioned saddle-shaped seat to the height that’s most comfortable for you. While you pedal, you can do so with confidence knowing that the seat will stay in place thanks to a secure locking mechanism.

It’s easier to get in shape while doing everyday activities, such as walking to the store and arm-wrestling the mailman. By using a Sit N Cycle coupon, you can gently cycle your way toward health and wellness.