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What to Buy the Foodie in Your Life

BY: Nathalie Lagerfeld | Oct 17, 2014
What to Buy the Foodie in Your LifeFoodies have no fear of the latest trends bubbling up at the nation’s restaurants. And what they taste, sip, and slurp off a chef’s menu, they will most likely want to recreate in their own kitchens. So with this in mind, we’ve curated a gift list for the most discerning of foodies. Centered around five trends our food editors have forecasted for 2015, these gift ideas for one-of-kind culinary experiences at local bars and restaurants across the country, as well as ideas for unique products designed to inspire at-home meals and snacks. 1. Ramen

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What it is: A Japanese soup of wheat noodles in a meat- or fish-based broth Why it’s trending: The cup-of-noodles has long been a staple of dorm-room dining, but a new generation of ramen shops are bringing the dish back to its artisanal Asian roots. Chefs like Ivan Ramen’s Ivan Orkin simmer their handmade noodles in rich, complex broths that take hours (or even days) to fully prepare. Toppings like fried egg or succulent sliced pork add extra protein. How to enjoy it: Slurp it up quickly while the broth is still scalding hot. The noodles continue to cook in the bowl, so you’ll need to finish your meal before they get mushy. Gift the experience at one of the Japanese restaurants in your city: banner-asian-gift_600c66 Gift the gear with utensils and cookware:
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2. Mescal


Photo by Flickr user casasroger What it is: A Mexican spirit that’s a close cousin to tequila. Its distillation process dates back 400 years to the Aztecs. Why it’s trending: A new batch of distillers have brought a new artisanal generation of mescals to market. And it has been popular in the craft-cocktail scene, where mixologists use small portions of the spirit to add a smoky layer of complexity to drinks. How to enjoy it: Sip it neat or on the rocks. Or rinse a rocks glass with mescal before mixing in a margarita or daiquiri. Gift your favorite foodie a tasty experience at one of the Mexican restaurants in your city: banner-mexican-gift_600c66 Gift the gear with glassware and other bar accessories:
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3. Canelés


Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Roboppy What they are: Bite-sized French pastries with a caramelized-sugar crust and a custard-like core Why they’re trending: The canelé is the latest of several French-inspired pastry trends to hit the big time in recent years, following the macaron, the kouign-amann, and the cronut (which, of course, couldn’t exist with the croissant). Pastry chefs laud its simplicity—it only really has six ingredients—and its unique combination of textures, which is topped off with an alluring vanilla and rum scent. How to enjoy them: Pop one in your mouth while sipping on pour-over at your favorite coffee shop. Gift your favorite foodie a tasty experience at one of the cafés and bakeries in your city: banner-gift-sweets_600c66 Gift the gear with gadgets and cookware:
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4. Oysters


What they are: Ocean-dwelling bivalves prized for their tender, slightly briny meat Why they’re trending: Oysters have been on foodies’ radar for years, ever since a new generation of raw bars started cropping up from San Francisco to New York City. But it’s only recently that supply has caught up with demand, as oyster farming—as opposed to harvesting in the wild—becomes more prevalent. To top it all off, cultivated oysters are also an environmentally sustainable snack. (Read about how oysters can make you tipsy.) How to enjoy them: Slurp them down raw, straight from the shell, with a splash of lemon juice and mignonette sauce. Gift your favorite foodie a tasty experience at one of the seafood restaurants in your city: banner-gift-oysters_600c66 Gift the gear with cutlery and glassware:
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5. Affogato affogato_600c390 Photo courtesy of The Peasantry What it is: A demitasse of hot espresso poured over vanilla gelato Why it’s trending: The traditional Italian dessert has gotten a recent boost from chefs rethinking its traditional ingredients. At Chicago’s Nico Osteria, a server will douse your apricot and burnt-honey gelato with bubbly prosecco. In April, cronut inventor Dominique Ansel introduced the Waffogato, a waffle-shaped square of vanilla ice cream that melts in the heat of maple-syrup-tinged coffee. (Read more about the trend.) How to enjoy it: Quickly, before the gelato melts. Gift your favorite foodie a tasty experience at one of the Italian restaurants in your city: banner-italian-gift_600c66 Gift the gear with cookware and gadgets:
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